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Member since: Thu Mar 17, 2016, 07:22 PM
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I often wonder what came first the COVIDIOTS or Trump

As much as Trump likes to say things with bravado he is a prisoner of his base as much of a leader of it. If he came out strongly for safety measures do you think they would have followed him or just abandoned him.

Kind of the way I look at the whole GOP. Not many leaders over there proposing ideas. Mainly people scared of the mob that put them there.

I'm a little confused by the conservative logic the virus is going away after the election

I've had numerous of my conservative acquaintances tell me they are convinced Covid-19 is going away after the election.

Do these people actually believe COVID-19 is a worldwide conspiracy to make them look bad?

I don't know if we beat Graham in South Carolina

Very hopeful but according to Harrison on MSNBC McConnell just dumped 20 million into the race. That is 20 million he didn't spend somewhere else.
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