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Member since: Fri Mar 18, 2016, 01:45 PM
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I'm sick of working retail.

I'm 26 and going back to college so I can actually get a real job.
I've worked retail, in various places since I was 16, off and on between that and selling on eBay.

One of the biggest things that pisses me off about retail, is the closed loop way CEO's and upper management runs a company anymore.

You see, back then, I noticed a lot of stores had little comment cards people could fill out and put in a bin. Some stores actually read these, if enough people asked for say..a certain flavor of cheese, soda, etc, the store would obtain some to sell.

Feedback in retail seems to be absolutely dead, I've witnessed countless times how a store quits selling a flavor of something, or a fast food restaurant discontinues a particular sandwich, despite TONS OF PEOPLE getting pissed off they did that.

Just try leaving feedback anymore. It's usually buried somewhere at the bottom of the page, and you will get a nice little "we will pass these comments along". Hate to break it, but no one reads these. They are just a form to feel out to make the customers feel like they did their part.

Anymore, the store THINKS it knows what people want. This never works. This is why countless businesses have gone bankrupt. All thanks to the stubbornness of upper management.

I've actually have held conversations with district managers and regional vice presidents. I will say something along the lines of "a lot of customers wish we had this, or did this". It falls on deaf ears, 100% of the time.

Retail has turned into a very toxic work environment because of how bad the culture is anymore. People are highly replaceable, and as such, get treated with little respect. There is no loyalty unless maybe your a general or district manager. I noticed a lot of places have done away with the pins you get when you have worked there so many years.

Stores are no longer investing in their employees, taking advice from customers, or really doing much in the way of improving. They try to get away with paying people as little as possible and countless large corporations have ended up under lawsuits for violating labor laws.

If you factor in how many people get paid less than $10/hr, and how rent has doubled not keeping up with inflation, and how people live paycheck to paycheck, it really is no more or less than legalized slavery.

Tons of Americans have very little left over after paying their bills. Maybe enough to go out to eat somewhere. Nothing to save, nothing to invest.

More Republican Hypocrisy- ALWAYS!

So it seems like a few R's are frothing at the mouth that a few people used McCain's funeral to launch potshots at Trump.

However..when Mollie Tibbet's eventual killer was identified, many used it as a talking point to build a wall.

I'm sick and tired of the "it's only okay if WE do it" mentality of the GOP.

Trump can't color the flag.

Sorry if this is posted before.

I can't fathom how someone who gets on the NFL players for "disrespecting the flag" can't even properly color it in!

It's even worse when he literally has a lapel pin of the flag on his suit, and possibly other children's flags as reference.

Do you think in the 60's, Trump would of been gone much sooner?

Seems to me like this entire ordeal is taking a very long time.
I want Trump gone, the sooner, the better.
Is there more red tape or something?

The thing no one is saying about McCain.

To be honest, I was not a huge fan of him. I did applaud him for giving the middle finger to Trump, even in death, by not inviting him to his funeral.

However, no one seems to mention that his first wife was injured in a car accident, and due to this and other factors, McCain left her and several children.

This seems to make him less of a person, to me anyway.

Is anyone else sick of hearing about the stock market?

I'd say after looking at various data factoids, only about 50% of people have investment accounts.
This is evident by the fact 78% of people live paycheck to paycheck.

The stock market went up.

Did your pay go up? Nope.

Did the price of rent go down? Nope.

Did the price of college go down? Nope.

Did the price of drugs go down? Nope.

These are indices that the regular working class care about.

I can't stand how anyone can stand Trump.

If you took the worst qualities of every person imaginable and fused it into one person, that person would be Trump.

I was not a huge fan of HRC, but I can say that even if Trump ran on the democratic ballot, and had a lot of good left-leaning notions, I would still have voted republican.

If you remove all the politics from Trump, he is still a crappy person. People who are Republican give me hell because I don't like him. They automatically label me as liking HRC or Sanders (I like Sanders over HRC).

But the rate runs way past politics and into the deeper soul of who he is.

Trump is like a middle-stage Hitler. Hitler was not terrible from the beginning, he actually helped Germany in quite a few ways, but as time went on, he became more and more radical. Limiting the rights Jews had, to eventually killing millions of them.

If we did not have the checks and balances in our government, I can only imagine how overpowering Trump would be at this point.

His supporters are really no different. I know a few who have "Jumped Ship", but as more and more came out about Trump, both in the sense of criminal misdeeds and moral misdeeds, his supporters seem unfazed.

This really is not a new problem. During WWII, there were a small group of people in the US who loved the Nazi's as well.

However it is evident to me the two-party system is outdated, and something needs to be done to fix our country. Our nation seems to be divided about 50/50 between D and R. The issue is the division between them cuts deeper and deeper every day.

Because of this, I truly think our country has hit a roadblock in terms of advancement. Our infrastructure, education system, economy, and other systems are evident of this issue. Everyone is fighting like school children, and we need to reach common ground to move together.

I am only in my mid 20's, and I think before I reach 80, we may see a "one party" system in the USA. If not, there has to be more unification between the left and right.

Getting back to Trump himself..it is clear that no matter how bad he gets, or as more of his dirty laundry gets aired out, there will still be a devoted group of fans. He is quoted as saying he could stand in the middle of a street and shoot people and not lose voters. Sadly this is true.

A lot of the correlation becomes clear when you start looking at republicans and education. A lot of people who lack education and common sense seem to be Trump supporters. They tend to have a "hive mind" and cannot think from themselves. They go to a coffee shop and a rumor someone picks up gets circulated at their own little round table.

They take this as truth and don't seem to bother to fact check it. What is worse they will actually defend their concepts and get hostile and argumentative instead of listening to another side's argument. I find most democrats easier to talk to most republicans.

Another big issue is the lack of care. A lot of people take to Facebook and other areas to complain. These achieves absolutely nothing. If a lot of what goes down today went down 100 years ago, there would be people getting hung or shot for treason.

We had almost as many people NOT vote than voted. This needs to change. I think a lot of it is because people don't think it makes any difference. Getting rid of people who are elected to only serve themselves and not the people are the issue. Sadly this issue is on both sides of the isle, but more prevalent with Republicans.

Anyway, this is my first thread, so sorry for rambling.
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