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Member since: Fri Mar 18, 2016, 06:07 PM
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Ever since Ted Cruz dropped out of the Republican presidential race last week, Glenn Beck and his co-hosts have been holding on to a sliver of hope that if Cruz could still somehow manage to win today’s Republican primary in Nebraska, that would convince the Texas senator to unsuspend his campaign and re-enter the race.

Today, Cruz called into Beck’s radio program and Beck’s co-host Pat Gray directly asked Cruz about this possibility. “If Nebraska were to somehow miraculously choose you tonight,” Gray asked, “if that happened, would you consider getting back in the race?” Cruz responded that he would certainly be open to that admittedly slight possibility.

What is with this retirement beard stuff?????

Jon Stewart

David Letterman


Little Marco rules himself out as Trump Veep pick.

What is lost in all these "Hillary is getting money from Wall Street" posts is

that Wall Street is saying that Democrats and the good economy they bring is good for business and good for Wall Street. Remember that Obama has doubled the Dow, whereas Bush cut the Dow in half. These are numbers people and they dont want to risk a return to the bad times.

An account from a Hillary supporter as to what happened at the ELAC rally


I just realized that I don't really need to watch breaking events like

The primaries or the Kentucky Derby. My phone buzzes me with the news as soon as it happens. I can just make sure its charged and take a nap. Its really foolish to hang one the internet. OK, maybe for the cat videos and the porn but thats really it.

This Chrome extension hides Trump mentions from Twitter. Works like a charm.


Report: Paterno told victim to drop rape claim against Sandusky in 1971

Source: Cbssports.com

CNN reported Friday that Joe Paterno knew of a 15-year-old boy who was allegedly raped by Sandusky in a Penn State bathroom in 1971. The victim, referred to as Victim A in the story, says Sandusky came up behind him in a bathroom, wrestled him to the ground and raped him. Victim A said he told his foster parents about the incident, and his foster father told him to call a couple of high-ranking officials at Penn State.

Victim A made the call, and talked to two men who identified themselves as Jim and Joe. Victim A does not know who Jim was, but claims that Joe was Penn State coach Joe Paterno, telling CNN "I've heard that voice a million times. It was Joe Paterno."

According to Victim A, after telling the two men about what happened, they accused him of making the entire story up, and told him they were going to "call the authorities."

Victim A was never interviewed by authorities during Sandusky's trial because he fell outside the statute of limitations, but he did receive a settlement from Penn State acknowledging him as one of Sandusky's victims.

Read more: http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/story/25579945/report-paterno-told-victim-to-drop-rape-claim-against-sandusky-in-1971

It keeps getting worse.

Hillary 2229 Bernie 1453. Hillary is 153 away from the nomination


Sandusky victim: Joe Paterno told me to drop abuse accusation

Source: CNN

CNN)After four years of feuding over the legacy of Joe Paterno, with a few vague details about what he may have known about allegations of sexual abuse by one of his coaches, it is becoming clear there may be much more.

There are now two allegations by men who say they were sexually abused by Jerry Sandusky, who also say they reported their abuse to the legendary coach in the 1970s.

One of those allegations was made public in a court order related to a lawsuit Penn State University filed against its former insurer over who should have to pay settlements to the more than 30 men who have come forward as victims of Sandusky. The victim was not identified, and the details come from a deposition that is sealed.

The other has spoken to CNN, in great detail, explaining how he was a troubled young kid in 1971 when he was raped in a Penn State bathroom by Jerry Sandusky. Then, he says, his complaint about it was ignored by Paterno.

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/06/us/jerry-sandusky-victims-paterno-penn-state/index.html?sr=twCNN050616jerry-sandusky-victims-paterno-penn-state0957PMStoryGalPhoto&linkId=24234146

This is horrible.
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