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Member since: Fri Mar 18, 2016, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 2,039

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June 16 is taking forever to get here.

I have had about enough e-mail, Chris Hedges, "neoliberal", "corporatist", Goldman Sachs, Hillary's going to get indicted, Hillary stole the election, Hillary stole my dingo who stole my baby.

Please make it end.

The GOP outrage over Trump is a joke.

They're all racists. They're all sexists. There is nothing Trump has said that hasn't been repeated on the Rush Limbaugh show for 25 years every day. This is a joke. Trump is the GOP.

Buy Sam a drink and get his dog one too.

Hillary is going to give Bernie what he wants on the platform.

because the platform means bupkis. So yeah, take what you need, Bernie.

Thievery Corporation - Depth of my Soul

Thievery Corporation feat. Shana Halligan - Depth of my Soul

You're welcome

BREAKING: Senator Susan Collins may support Hillary over Trump

From Ryan Lizza:

NEWS: GOP Senator Susan Collins tells me she is leaving open the possibility of supporting Hillary Clinton over Trump.

The Penguins could win the Stanley Cup this evening!!!!!!!!!!!!

How come when Hillary mentioned Bernie last night there was no booing but

when Bernie mentioned Hillary the whole room booed??

Hillary vs. Christ the Redeemer Statue. Separated at Birth?

You decide.

I thought the Democratic primary went fine. I see no need for changes.

I like having superdelegates to keep out sabotage from non-party elements.

I know the GOP wished they had superdelegates. Look what they are left with now. An unelectable moron.

We need to change nothing.
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