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Hillary Clinton: "You know where I stand"

This sums of the Sandy Hook tweet in the words of the late Rainer Maria Rilke...

"If we did have a theatre, would you, tragic woman, stand there time and again, so frail, so naked, so utterly without the pretext of a role, before those who satisfy their impatient curiosity with the spectacle of your grief?" - The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge

"The New Jim Crow" author Prof. Michelle Alexander stated, "I can't believe Hillary...

The WaPost printed "Clinton questions whether Sanders is qualified"...the next day, haha

Bernie won the Women's vote in WI and gained signficantly in other demographics (see pic).

Hillary Clinton, Hillary supporters, and Wallstreet in one picture....

Qualified? In one picture....

After winning six state primaries, possibly eight in a row (if 2008 repeats itself in Nevada)....

There has been a constant strain of the delegate lead as a sort of virus trying in infect those of us who support a particular candidate. If this was a WAR, the constancy of these retorts sound like the bull horn of retreat to New York. This last statement is self-effacing, but if those of you keep evoking the delegate count emphatically, instead of arguing why your candidate is worthy of my vote, you will ensure your own defeat. Look more toward poetic justice and the heart than the prose of cold logic.

Bernie Sanders won a whopping 99 percent of counties in the Wisconsin primary

"It was a blowout"
Sanders got more votes in 71 out of Wisconsin's 72 counties. Clinton beat him in just one, and only by 3.7 percent


NRA Lobbyist Co-Hosted Hillary Clinton Fundraiser

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has called her support for gun control laws a key differentiator from her opponent Bernie Sanders, who she claims isnít tough enough on the industry. But in mid-March, a Clinton campaign fundraiser will be co-hosted by a lobbyist whose clients have included the National Rifle Association (NRA).

During the 2013 push for universal background checks, Forbes (lobbyist) was one of a phalanx of Democratic Party lobbyists employed by the NRA to kill that legislation...Forbes is an alumnus of the Bill Clinton administration."

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