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Arizona 'dark money' bill on its way, days after massive voting failure statewide...

Less regulation of 'dark money' spending:
What it means: Ending a requirement that non-profit corporations, which have proliferated since the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United, file with the state removes one layer of transparency about who they are and where they get their money. It would fall to the IRS to determine if a non-profit had spent more than half of its money on influencing an election, which would trigger disclosure of donors.


Meanwhile in CA as of 2014:
Gov. Brown signs bill to shed light on political 'dark money'
The measure was introduced after a web of conservative groups from Arizona poured $15 million into California in 2012 to fight Proposition 30, Gov. Jerry Brown's tax hike, and support an ultimately unsuccessful move to curb unions' political power.
“This bill goes to the heart of disclosing dark money and requiring that the true source of money spent in California elections be reported” said Erin V. Peth, executive director of the FPPC. “SB 27 gives the FPPC the ability to shed more light on the extensive networks of nonprofits and MPOs masking their donations.”


PEACEFUL sit-in at Los Angeles CNN headquarters this Sunday April 3rd Noon..


100,000 reached to petition the WH for an AZ revote!

We can do this by tonight!
Edit: 1,200 signatures since posted.
Edit 2: 928 left
Edit 3: 561
Edit 4:


Image of Bernie Sanders abusing kittens at his home in Vermont....

Just some memes etc., may be interesting to you folky folks...

Maricopa County certifies primary election, 19,999 of 24,630 were verified but not counted

The overwhelming majority of voters, 533,772, cast their votes early, while 88,1187 voted on election day. There were 24,630 provisional ballots cast. Of those, 4,631 were verified and counted by elections officials and another 19,999 were verified but not counted because people were not properly registered.


Maricopa county had 60 polling stations with 1.2 million registered voters (4+ million total population).

Pima county had 130 polling stations with unknown registered, but with a population of 1 million.


This demands a revote or an extra day of voting, whatever good this will do, sign it to press the issue, we cannot let it go away (6,950 signatures needed to reach 100,000):

Bernie Sanders Bought a $172000 Car with Campaign Donations

FALSE: http://www.snopes.com/bernie-sanders-audi-8/

DC ballot filed day late, Robert Brannum filed a complaint after, his response included...

Robert Brannum an alleged pro-Clinton political activist had this to say about the DNC's "minor administrative error".

It seems a bit unclear whether or not the DNC also filed the paperwork for Clinton the day after the deadline, but if they did, the Clinton campaign is not being challenged in the same way.

To complicate matters, a man has submitted a challenge to Sanders being included on the list of candidates despite his late paperwork. Robert Brannum claims that Sanders being included on the list and ultimately being put on the D.C. ballot in the face of the missed deadline is a clear violation of D.C. rules and that no exceptions should be made.

The image above is from this link:

My last post was locked because a jury thought BillForFirstGentleman was sexist.

There is currently a website called billforfirstlady.com, run by a pro-Clinton group. Why would he be a first lady? Wouldn't he be the first first gentleman?

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