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Member since: Sat Mar 26, 2016, 02:35 PM
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And the Epstein story is buried.

Congrats to the MSM for taking the bait.... once again. Disgraceful.

So I blocked Fox "News" from my cable.

So I got home from work today. My conservo-religious cuckoo mother-in-law was babysitting our kids. My wife and I have been on the fence about hiring a sitter instead of letting her parents babysit. We go back and forth every time my liberal wife and her mom fight about principles. On the one hand, we appreciate them helping with kid coverage since my wife and I both work. On the other, the expense of a sitter would be worth not having the drama. We also don’t want to deprive the kids from seeing their grandparents twice a week.

That said, I come home today and found the television on Fox “News”. A few years back I had that channel blocked with the parental lock. But that block either expired or got erased by an update or something - I wasn’t paying attention. But seeing it on our living room television today, I got irritated. I messaged the wifey-poo and said: (actual text message quote.. copied and pasted...quotation marks added because I appreciate grammar)

“Omg. Fox News was on our tv when I turned it on. Puke. I’m going to put the parental lock on that channel again. I’m not having your folks watch that when they are here with the kiddos. They were here with them for most of the day. Fox News propaganda is not allowed in our house. No debate about it. It peddles hate for profit. Not allowed in my book.”

She responded: “Agreed” (she was busy with a meeting and couldn’t vent her true feelings)

The moral: FOX has no place in my house, my life, or this world. It is a parasite. It is a pest. A termite of society. It must be given no quarter. No acceptance. No mercy. It would be illegal in an ideal society. It is hateful and damaging - especially to our elderly who, for whatever reason, are lured by their propaganda.

No Fox. Never. Ever. Ever. IT IS NOT ALLOWED. And should be snuffed out in order for the future to survive prosperously.

Airplane Etiquette

I was flying on a plane today and something happened that got me thinking about etiquette. Please let me know if I am way off base on this one...

So I board the plane, a 737, and have an aisle seat that I reserved. The person in the middle seat was petite lady probably in her 40s or early 50s. Shortly after stowing my stuff, I get a tap on my shoulder from a man who asks if I would switch seats with him so he can sit next to his wife - the petite lady in the middle. I asked where his seat was. He pointed to his seat that was 5 rows further back and a middle seat between two larger gentlemen.

I agreed and had a very uncomfortable 4 hour flight.

My topic of etiquette comes in because, as I was sitting in a crappy middle seat with no shoulder room, I thought about how rude it was for the gentleman to even ask me to switch seats in the first place.

It was rude because the second he asked me to switch, he made my flight uncomfortable regardless of my answer. Let me explain.

If I agree (which I did) I get an uncomfortable flight in a seat that I specifically booked early to avoid.
If I refuse to switch, I now am sitting next to a disappointed wife and the entire flight would probably be awkward and silent.

It was quite the dilemma. Refuse and sit in awkward silence uncomfortably. Agree and sit uncomfortably between two bigger guys.

Am I wrong? I feel I should never have been put in that situation to begin with. I feel it was rude to even ask such a thing.

Maybe I’m just being a jerk.

What do you all think?

First ten post introduction.

Hello. I have been lurking on DU since 2006, when I was a junior in college. One of my lab partners at our university showed me this site along with Daily Kos and Crooks and Liars. Anyway, I have never been one to post much about anything. I always have been paranoid of something that I have written coming back to bite me in the 6 o’clock. I don’t have Facebook or any other social media. I am in the minority in my age group for my lack of online presence. But I am slowly coming out of shell, so to speak. So hopefully I’ll contribute something somewhere that will help someone make an informed decision.

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