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Member since: Wed Mar 30, 2016, 08:56 AM
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I just feel exhausted. NC here-

We live in an extremely blue town-- kind of a "blue corridor" if you will, that extends down to Chapel Hill.

That said- we have a very tiny place up in the mountains. We go up every couple of weeks, and are always astounded by the Trump signs on the poorest looking places: houses that are in desperate need of rehab, very old mobile homes that look like they are falling apart, with bed sheets for curtains. We always pass lots of little old battered pickups, and cars with the paint half off that have Trump stickers on the bumpers.

This is no joke- these people are barely getting by on government assistance, and the use of food pantries. Yet, somehow a con man convinced them that God wanted them to vote "Republican." It's about abortion, guns, gays, and racism for these people.

Do they not understand that if we lose, they will damn near starve? They can go out and shoot all the squirrels, raccoons, deer and possum they can-- but, that "country boy will survive" shit isn't going to cut it anymore. Scurvy and Covid will start taking their tolls soon enough.
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