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Member since: Wed Mar 30, 2016, 09:56 AM
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The Mission Statement of a Catholic Non-profit hospital that is in the news

for refusing cancer surgery on a patient due to money:

Our Mission
We extend the compassionate ministry of Jesus by improving the health and well-being of our communities and bring good help to those in need, especially people who are poor, dying and underserved.

Our Values
Human Dignity — we commit to uphold the sacredness of life and to be respectful and inclusive of everyone.
Integrity — we commit to act ethically and to model right relationships in all of our individual and organizational encounters.
Compassion — we commit to accompany those we serve with mercy and tenderness, recognizing that “being with” is as important as “doing for.”
Stewardship — we commit to promote the responsible use of all human and financial resources, including Earth itself.
Service — we commit to provide the highest quality in every dimension of our ministry.


Ethical alternatives to Amazon

My husband and I are starting to consider weaning from Amazon. It's not easy, I am a librarian, and I have my Kindle Fire with me all the time.

I found this link, which is an aggregate of other links, and am looking through it now.


Whole Foods Magazine person of the year, Mitch Mcconnell


on edit- this magazine is not associated with the store-- and I realize most folks do not read it.

Can anyone here analyze handwriting

Trump's weird notes to himself--- there's a photo here, and others have posted it.

Here's the link, sorry I don't know how to pull the photo from it-


Every freaking morning

I wake up, and go straight to DU hoping to see the post, "Trump has resigned".....


I hate him worse than I hated Nixon. Far worse. He needs to go.

I wonder how many of us would be explaining ourselves

if the internet and social media sites had existed when we were teenagers?

No, I am not "making light" of Carson King's posts....Please try to think deeper than that.

Did you do stupid shit when you were a teen?

How many times do you think back on your life--- and think, "oh holy crap, I am so glad that wasn't on video?"

I am in no way exempting adults from this post- you posted something, or were recorded doing stupid crap- you own that. But, young folks whose follies were tossed on the internet--- young people who did not know- could not know-- that a digital record of their immaturity would show up years later..... Wtf be mean to them?

I am in no way exempting today's teens from this--- they know if their crap ends up on youtube, twitter, instagram--- it's always out there.

Would YOU want to be judged by your 16 year old self for eternity?

"I can't talk to you...there is no use in talking to people like you"

We went out to dinner tonight, and sat at the bar. An older gentleman came in to sit at the bar and watch the college football game. Seemed like a nice fella-I asked him who he was pulling for.

The conversation was pretty normal ("you fly fish up here?" type thing) until the 3rd quarter...somehow he managed to make a comment about "most music librarians are gay" complete with the limp wrist hand gesture. I am a librarian, so I just laughed and said, "well, the ones I know are wonderful people."

He then made a comment about "liberals." Now, I am paying attention. He actually told me that I need to read. I am a librarian.

Finally, I said--- "so, you have a PhD, and are retired....you have told me that I need "to read." Tell me... how is it that you voted for a failed reality show host who is currently married to a former soft porn model?" He started freaking out and said "she was a model." I told him that he was free to google image her on her smart phone while we were sitting there. His hands were shaking, and he said "There is no point in talking to people like you."

We paid and left.

Incredibly sad. Heartbreaking.

This is what FAUX "news" has done to folks that were probably smart, articulate, educated, interesting people.

State and County Fall fairs and festivals will be starting up soon-

In the wake of the Gilroy Garlic festival, are there other people that are concerned about attending these festivals? Have your plans changed at all, or do you still feel comfortable attending?

This was not a "win" for either the right or left wing.

Today was a sad commentary on the state of politics in the US.

It amazes me that voters on both sides are not calling for impeachment immediately.

I am older, and live in the South, and am shocked that right wing voters are just fine with Russian involvement in elections, after I had to listen to those same people say "Better Red than Dead" for decades.

What has happened to us?
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