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Member since: Fri Apr 1, 2016, 11:51 PM
Number of posts: 369

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Bernie seems to love south America

I've noticed he speaks about SA and needing to engage them more. Also he seems to really support their structure and government, which is borderline communism. I believe this is also what hurt him, praising Fidel Castro, honeymooning in the USSR, saying south America has the right idea....These things do not sit well with Democrats. I'm wondering if Bernie believes Venezuela has the right idea? After all did he not support Huge Chavez?

Bernie just proved

You have to be more than a candidate of Reddit. He attempted to appeal to anyone beyond the reddit OWS and Iphone crowd. Hopefully after this he will stand with our nominee Hillary Clinton and work together to win in November.

Since when is Hillary required to reach 2382 pledged delegates?

Where is this idea coming from that one must reach 2383 before the end of the primaries? She will most certainly have the required super delegates anyway so I just don't understand the logic?

Is it time to start purging members who won't fall in line?

Now that Hillary is the presumptive nominee and the media now presenting Bernie as a failed candidate should DU start purging the members who declare they are leaving the Democratic Party for either the elitist green party or independents? Add to the fact some openly state they will NEVER vote for Clinton. Thats fine and that is your right, but on this message board we support DEMOCRATS. Not a particular ideological brand.

Whats with Bernie and his Bros creating this artificial delegate threshold?

Since when does Clinton need to reach the required amount without super delegates? Going into the convention with the lead is sufficient enough. And with the way Bernie has trashed SDs and the Democratic Party he has NO chance to gain their support. Hillary is now the presumptive nominee, you will see the media shift away from reporting Bernie as a legitimate candidate.

I thought Bernie was a "New Yorker"?

At least thats what we were told. I mean so what if he left 50 years ago and never looked back. Bernie is a true "New Yorker"!

Unfortunately the state of NY did not see it that way and chose SoS Clinton.

Sorry Bernie

But we are now going to be including the super delegates in Hillary's delegate total. They are as good as pledged to her since after the trashing you gave not only them but the entire Democratic party. So expect them to be included. She only needs maybe 400 more delegates to secure the nomination. Its over. CA is now rendered irrelevant.

About those rallies

I thought that means he had NY? I guess they were too cool to vote. Like in Florida, Ohio, Texas.

But but I thought Bernie was going to clean up?

In NY? At least thats what Rosario Dawson told us! Plus he had RALLIES! And what about Spike Lee!!!! Maybe It was Cornel West?
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