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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Washington
Home country: United States
Current location: Lala Land Apparently
Member since: Sat Apr 2, 2016, 08:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,065

About Me

I'm 26 and a veteran. Was in the Army for 4 years serving as infantry. I really like making people laugh so sorry if you see a horrible pun, I have a weird sense of humor. This is the first election I have voted in, and it was for Bernie. I hope Bernie wins so we can save Democracy.I will forever be in his debt for giving me the courage to step up and make some real change, that this Country desperately needs. Hope to stay here.

Journal Archives

What do you guys think? I'll quietly leave if you disagree.

Because my beliefs of the Democratic Party have been misguided all my life if I'm wrong. Luckily Bernie woke me up, I never even voted before, but I always considered myself a Democrat and whenever I had to write it down, I said that. But if this is too much, I will gladly leave now and leave what hope I have for the party with it.

Is it too much to state my opinion and have it hidden? No discussion.

She will suffer for the injustice of her campaign and how she ran it, and her alliance to corporations over the American people. Suffer as in, a loss for the election. And if she becomes the nominee I can finally get rid of the guilt of being in this disgusting party. I'm just as excited about that. Bernie's way would have been easier no doubt, but taking out Hillary this way will be funner. And more satisfying

That is how I feel, how can anyone understand if it's not said?

I dunno if people have seen this, warning it's about Bernie.

The Many Reasons People Love Bernie Sanders

The empty seats, the chairman just walking off. It always gets me. He's always been there for us. Fighting.
And I didn't even know. But I'm glad I know now.

#PlanetBernie is Trending on Twitter for Earth Day

It's amazing.

$182 million: Bernie Sanders equals Hillary Clinton's campaign fundraising


Pretty cool. No Super Pacs involved!

LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Town Hall in Scranton, PA (4-21-16) Bernie Scranton Pennsylvania Rally

About to start, figured I'd throw a link.

Feel The Bern!!!

We have to accept, We are fundamentally different. And there is Division in Party.

That's why we get so angry and lash out.

We're both in the Democratic party but we both believe something different.
We need to accept that, we've done what we can on both sides, to try to convince one and another, but quite honestly, these fights feel Democrat vs Republican.

That's how much our views differ. I can honestly say to you. A majority of us, feel that corruption in politics is bad. That's what drives us. The other things would be nice, but as you know. It wouldn't be possible, in a corrupted system.

And this is where our views change. We want to get rid of the corporation's control over politics, which affects our Country. In every way. While the other side thinks it's best to work with corruption, and weed it out, maybe. (from my point of view, some of you think it's fine, let's be honest. We've seen the posts.)

This is like how I always viewed Republicans. I'm sure many others feel that way. That's how we feel.
Just like it's just like how you feel, that nothing is wrong with Hillary.

By pointing this out, maybe something changes. But I doubt it. However, I think there would be a lot less in house fighting if we just accept this. I will not tolerate, what I feel is corruption, and you won't tolerate "Bernie's fantasy inexperienced land" so to speak.

Those are the issues. We have to accept that, and stop attacking each other on it. And to be perfectly honest, at this point we have to keep spreading our candidates messages, to see which Candidate actually represents the Democratic Party. To be clear, I'm not asking anyone to stay Despite what they believe, Just to follow your beliefs and not attack each other on things you know you won't agree with.

Live from the Vatican


If Hillary DID release her transcripts, how would one verify that it's legit?

Out of curiosity.

Reminder of who's had toughest campaign


A pic of the Wyoming Caucus

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