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Member since: Mon Apr 4, 2016, 02:04 PM
Number of posts: 2,235

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The Mercers : Why Trump Won In 2016 and Why He Lost In 2020.

And there is this...

Trivia For Citizen Kane (1941) Fans

A couple of days ago I was watching The Falcon In Hollywood (1944), on TCM. About 20 minutes in, The Falcon (Tom Conway) and his lady cabdriver friend, explore a prop room. They find a body but in the dark background to the left of the frame, a portrait of the elderly Kane can be seen hanging on the wall. It was the same portrait that can be seen hanging over Bernstein's (Everett Sloane) desk and fireplace while he is being interviewed about Rosebud. I know both movies were from the RKO studio. Is it possible that someone wanted to trigger Hurst by exposing the Kane portrait, knowing that Hurst wanted all trace of the film to be buried forever?
This may be common knowledge to movie fans but I just discovered it the other day.

The Singing Nun Story

I know about the Debbie Reynolds version and the French version but why hasn't there been an English language version. I mean the real story. The clips I've seen of Sister Smile look great (like her imitating Elvis in a class full of children) but it's hard to find. I do remember how popular her song was just after the JFK murder and just before the birth of Beatlemania. Is the true tragic story being suppressed by the Catholic church?

Did Kubrick Base His Scene,

From "Paths Of Glory," on the real life Patton incident?

Don't Forget To Boycott Home Depot

For their refusal to denounce Georgia's oppressive and regressive voting law.


Bedbugs. Any Suggestions?

I mean that will not cost a ton of money. They are driving me crazy.

I'm thinking of backing Bloomberg.

First I want to hear him answer one question. Is he willing to share his returns with America, unlike IPOTUS. If he answers yes that should just about blow IPOTUS away with the wind.

Any Thoughts

About Disney's Hamilton Movie due for release in 2021?

Saw Two Golden Turkey's Yesterday.

"Skidoo" 1968 and "Won Ton Ton the Dog That Saved Hollywood." 1976. 'Skidoo" was just strange. An alleged comedy about mobs, prison and LSD with Jackie Gleason, Carol Channing and Groucho Marx in his last movie. The less said about Won Ton Ton the better.

Was Rod Serling A Time Traveler Trying To Warn Us About Today?

This reminds me of a typical MAGA rally and notice the hand signal Peter Sellers flashes after the shooting. No wonder this was suppressed for almost 50 years.

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