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Member since: Mon Apr 4, 2016, 02:04 PM
Number of posts: 2,235

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Anyone else looking forward to seeing this?

Notice the three main characters are being played by actors connected with super heroes/villains.

What's Your Favorite Enough Song?

Here Is Mine.

The Tall Target 1951

Watching it today on TCM. Based on a real life plot to assassinate Lincoln at his inauguration. Directed by Anthony Mann and starring Dick Powell as police detective John Kennedy. A rifle with a telescopic lens was to be used as the weapon. Filmed 12 years before the JFK assassination ... WTF???!!!

Is The Real Life Gaston In The White House?

I think we all know who Gaston's supporters voted for. Another good question is why didn't Disney hire Sean Hannity to play LeFou? So if you see a future SNL sketch with Hannity playing LeFou, remember you heard about it here first.


have information about this movie? Looks great.

Pro Trump Heel Wrestler Taking Mexico By Storm

Won't be long until Vince McMahon hires him or comes up with the same type of wrestling character for the WWE here in the states. Even Mrs. McMahon might get into the act since she donated $5 million to the fake president's campaign and secured a job as his small business czar. BTW fake president #45 is a hall of fame member of the WWE.

Oscar Thoughts.

La La Land and Damien Chazelle appear to have a lock on best picture and director along with Emma Stone for best actress in what I consider a weak field this year. So do Viola Davis and Mahershala Ali for supporting acting. That leaves a tight race for best actor between Casey Affleck and Denzel Washington. Affleck was the early favorite but Manchester By The Sea is such a downer. Support seems to be trending toward Washington in the more upbeat role in Fences. If it is Denzel he will join Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep, Daniel Day Lewis (all best actor) and Walter Brennan (all supporting) in the 3 time winner club. Kate Hepburn is in her own club with 4 best actress Oscars.

Has anyone seen the movie Toni Erdmann?

It's Germany's Oscar nominee for best foreign film. It's a comedy but I'm interested because it's going to be remade with Jack Nicholson and Kristen Wiig.

Thank You For The Heart

Other than from family it's the only Valentine I ever received so thanks again.

Congratulations to La La Land

Tying the Oscar record of 14 nominations.

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