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Member since: Mon Apr 11, 2016, 08:34 PM
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Hillary supporters and expecting too much too fast from Sanders supporters

I have supported Hillary since she ran the first time around. I am very happy with her success in the primaries, to put it mildly. But I don't expect everyone who passionately supported a different candidate to just, one day after Hillary clinches, forget all these months of pushing for their candidate and jump on board with another one, even though that candidate is in the same party. Even Olympians are crushed when they lose to a fellow American who is on the same team. The best of them are graceful in defeat and then they retreat somewhere alone and fully experience the process of absorbing the loss. It is not easy.

Not everyone is graceful. But I think just like most Hillary fans have been quietly voting, not getting involved in the melees, there are many Sanders supporters who aren't lashing out, they are just quietly watching and going through the process of first accepting Hillary as the nominee, then actually getting to know her. There are some on this site that are really not able to process the loss on any level, and their threads are not pretty, but they're not the majority of Sanders supporters. But no matter what, everyone deserves that space and time to go through the process. That doesn't mean I let anyone shit on me. But that also doesn't mean I am baffled that all of them don't just switch gears within 24 hours and support Hillary. We've got plenty of time. Within a couple of months most of the holdouts will have completely worked through all this, and most will still be Democrats. The rest you never could do anything about anyway.

Most of Warren's speech for those who missed it

Scroll down about halfway down the page to find the video


Wish I could find the whole speech from the very beginning. This speech rocked.

Sanders pledges to work with Clinton to defeat Trump


Live feed of Hillary speech currently streaming - link

She's not on stage yet but they have the cameras on and you can see and hear the crowd


Trump unveils new platform - How the hell do we compete with this?


How many Sanders supporters were Obama supporters in 2008

and what did you think of the PUMAs? Think HARD about that one.

Gary Johnson, Trump spoiler, Koch supported, wins Libertarian nom

This is the guy that's going to siphon tons of votes from Trump. Has the backing of the Koch brothers. Will easily cancel out the Bernie or bust vote and then some. In a couple months everyone will know this guy's name.


Respected Moody's model, right on every election since 1980, predicts Clinton win in November

Donald Trump is in trouble, according to a model that has correctly predicted the winner of every presidential race since Ronald Reagan in 1980.

This time around the model -- run by Moody's Analytics -- says a Democrat will win the White House. Hillary Clinton is widely expected to be the Democratic nominee.

It's a bad sign for Trump. Moody's has been predicting a Democratic triumph since last August, but the margin of victory is getting bigger for the left as the economy has stayed relatively strong and President Obama's approval rating has risen.

The reason a Democrat will win isn't about polling or personalities, it's about economics, says Moody's. The economy is the top issue in just about every election. When the economy is doing well, the party currently in office usually wins again. When the economy is tanking, Americans vote for change.


Trump already helping crumble the Paris Climate Accord

Say bye to the environment if Trump wins! Trump already said he will CANCEL America's involvement in it, which will basically destroy it.

When the general election heats up, people will know who the real enemy is.


I am no longer reading threads on Sanders. (In the HRC group either) The primary is done.

For those aware of the facts, the general is on now. Hillary knows it. Even the one who finished second knows it and behind the scenes has admitted it. Jane accidentally admitted it a few days ago saying Bernie will be back in the senate after Cali votes. This whole primary now is one big attempt for BS to get leverage over the DNC platform. That's done already. BS got five seats, Hillary got 6. (Another admission of defeat). The only thing left now is headline bait laid by the 2nd place finisher. It's irrelevant, unhealthy, and I am moving on to the real election.

Bring on Frankenrump

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