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Member since: Mon Apr 11, 2016, 08:34 PM
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Thank you, GOP, for destroying yourself and making Trump the nom.

He will be the easiest of all to beat. The Democratic leadership had been hoping all along it would be Trump. He will alienate all but white hacks and racists, and the rest of the REAL America, the beautiful melting pot which is now the majority, will vote Hillary. The small percent who write in a candidate will still be irrelevant, and the #nevertrumpers are welcome! Bye GOP! You had a good run! Historians will now tell the tale of how the tea party took its own party behind the shed and put it out of its misery.

By the way, GOP, the term is "Madam President." Best to start practicing.

Newsweek explains very well why the email scandal still isn't a scandal

From Newsweek:


I really donít want to write this column. I know that just from reading the headline, a large number of people will immediately start wailing that Iím a Hillary Clinton partisan, and they wonít bother to read even this first paragraph. I also know that plenty of journalists paralyzed by groupthink will attack what I have to say.


Media will announce Hillary the nominee 3 hours before CA voting ends

She will probably be 30-40 delegates away when the polls in jersey open. (There are 2 small primaries before June 7, which will put her within 30-40). Jersey polls close in the east coast 3 hours before California, which will easily give her the nomination. At 8:00 eastern time, expect the media to call it for Hillary. California won't even matter.

June 7, 8:00pm. Keep your tv on

Imagining a Trump Cabinet. I'll start - Chris Christie Attorney General. Palin? Ann Coulter?

Ok so here's a list of Trump supporters. There are many more I won't be able to think of right now.

Sarah Palin (knows 48 words, working on 49)
Ann Coulter (went off her meds 18 years ago, calls herself Ann)
Mike Huckabee (interested to see where Trump would put this one)
Ben Carson (who the fuck is this guy?)
Newt Gingrich (tried to destroy America once, hasn't given up hope)
Shill Hannity (dipshit used car salesman, down to the hair)
Orrin Hatch (also looking to finish the job of destroying America)
Rick Santorum (in Texas, History is fiction)
Rush Limbaugh

Those who think the majority of these people could never be in our government - you are wrong. This is what the never-hillary people are asking for. Thankfully, they'll never get it.

How pissed were you in June of 08?

I was looking at GDP and its descent into madness, and as I was thinking about rebuttals to the many anti-Hillary threads, I had a nagging feeling that I can't judge these people harshly, because they reminded me a little of myself in 08 when Hillary was losing. I am not excusing the extreme "blow it all up" assertions; helping Trump in that way is incredibly self destructive. But deep down I see the humanness of their reaction. I also know that when they calm down, someday, they'll see this thing more clearly, as I do now. Some of them never will, and they aren't a true part of this process anyway. They exist only on the sidelines.

This last bit of clinging to the email "scandal," a classic anti-Clinton GOP imagined attack, is particularly sad to witness. It's the most focused on issue right now solely because it is their last hope of winning. And yet because of what's at stake, Sanders defeat, they can't see it was a GOP fake scandal all along.

What about you? What were you feeling in June of 08?

U.S Socialist Party: Bernie a warmonger, imperialist, pro-apartheid, status quo

The U.S. Socialist Party doesn't like Bernie. Per the LA Times:


You get out what you put in. Why Hillary won.

Hillary won with minorities, women, and Democrats. She has spent decades reaching out to minorities and listening to their needs and concerns, she has been a Democrat for decades, fighting for the party and its platform. And as a successful woman in a man's political world she has earned respect among the majority of American women. This is what she put in.

If you don't spend decades reaching out to minorities, getting involved in their causes, having ANY real interaction with them, and you don't put in the effort to work with and help Democrats, these people will not favor you over the ones who do. Why would they, they don't even KNOW you. And thus, they will not vote for you.

You get what you give.

If the system is rigged, how did Obama win in 2008?

Obama, a new Senator running a grass roots campaign without the backing of the "establishment," got more votes and got the Super Delegates to support him once he started getting more votes from the people.

How is it that Obama could do it and Bernie could not? Is it the fault of the establishment and the system, or the candidate?

When Obama and Sanders are campaigning for Hillary in the General

Obama's approval ratings are the highest they've been in his entire second term. Think about when he and Sanders are both out there rallying for the Democrats.

Trump toast anyone?


Why is the Hillary group obsessing over a primary that is over?

All the threads are about Bernie. Who cares about Bernie? The primary is over, and when the general heats up the Democratic Party will unify like it did in 08. The demographics show trump has no chance. Come on guys, you're totally falling for the bait being laid by an irrelevant candidate who has already lost. Move on for your own sanity. All is well, Hillary will be giving her victory speech soon.

Less than 100 delegates to go!
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