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Member since: Mon Apr 11, 2016, 08:34 PM
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Elizabeth Warren already on the front lines against Trump, WAKE UP LIBERALS


Why did progressive hero never endorse Bernie?

Because she is rational enough to remember that Hillary is one of the best democrats of our time.

AND she's on the forefront right now fighting against the Orange America Destroyer, unlike others


Gather the troops

Time to kick some ass

Why is GDP filled with pro BS posts? Bc hillary voters already know it's over

There's no need for a million anti Bernie posts because the battle is really over already. Hillary voters are just waiting for the general to fire up. Meanwhile, they quietly show up and vote, which is why she's ahead by millions of votes, and will claim the nomination as Obama did before the convention.

"Hillary is going to be exonerated on emails"- was always GOP trick

As cool heads always knew, this was just another GOP trick to beat the clintons, which has failed like all the other made up smears they tried on bill and Hillary over the decades.

You have to realize that the couple republicans hate most MUST be a great democratic couple, or else they wouldn't care


Ted Kennedy, Bernie, and history repeating itself right now

We are witnessing history repeating itself. In 1979 Ted Kennedy ran against Jimmy Carter for the Democratic Primary. Some of the parallels:, Kennedy insisted there was no difference between Carter and Reagan (as many BS supporters claim), he demanded that the Democratic Party steer further left, claimed he cared more about the poor than Carter, he gave a bad interview that hurt his campaign (like Bernie in NY) won some big states in the primary, but never caught up to Carter’s delegate lead. He then went to the convention and demanded that the delegates turn away from the winner, and vote for him instead.

He gave what many consider the greatest speech of his life, and then what happened?

Reagan defeated Carter and ushered in trickle-down economics and a new era of wealth inequality that lasts to this day, among other severe damage to the country. Kennedy’s “revolution” never materialized, but future presidents like Bill Clinton did their best to work within the system as it exists (the only way to accomplish anything) to reverse as much of the damage as possible done by Republicans since 1980.

Here we stand today, another “revolution” railing against the Democratic Party because it has not managed to perform every miracle with a Republican Congress blocking nearly every move. Some in this revolution even WANT Donald Trump to win in order to “wake the people up.”

What the people “woke up” to in 1980 was the beginning of the Reagan Era. No revolution.

You might argue that Carter brought it on himself by not being a stronger candidate. But to argue that Hillary would be responsible for her own loss, and fighting against her while the Republicans gather their troops, you are ignoring the cliff you are helping dangle the country from by not making Trump the target.

What Democrats have right now is a steady path toward the promised land with Hillary continuing the work that Obama started after 8 destructive years of Bush. After that, perhaps the country WILL finally be ready to go the final miles to reach Democratic Socialism. However, some in the “revolution” have no patience and instead want a repeat of 1980. They will most likely cause a reversal of the progress we’ve made. They’ll undermine the DNC in the hopes of a future that will, rather than be a “waking up” of the American people, be a repeat of the decades after Reagan was sworn into office. The proof of this is the blue collar Republicans supporting not Bernie, but Donald Trump with so much vigor, a tow truck driver won’t even tow a car that has a Bernie sticker on it.

The era of Trump will make the era of Reagan look like Disneyland. Get on board with Hillary or repeat history and hope we don’t destroy ourselves this time.

Sanders doing permanent damage to his "revolution"

I guess BS hasn't learned the tough lesson Ted Kennedy learned after losing to jimmy carter and helping Reagan win. Reagan's win ushered in a new era of wealth inequality via trickle down economics that we are still fighting to this day.

All this negative campaigning against Hillary when the primary is basically over is doing more damage to his own image and movement than anything else. His goal to use super delegates to win has, for many, shifted his image from an honest man who cares about America, to a sore loser who wants to win at all costs. Many will remember that first when recalling his bid for the White House, rather than his message.

We never learn from history, and so we shall always repeat it.

Was the Indiana primary rigged?

Considering that whenever the polls get it wrong, the shouts of "it was rigged!" Are rampant here, I guess we have to ask- was this one rigged? Should it be thrown out?

Disgusting: asking the SDs to overturn the will of the people

Election stealing is anti-America, undemocratic, and immoral.

Bernie mathematically eliminated. The race is over.

Supers will never, ever back a losing candidate. Sanders cannot mathematically win with pledged delegates. That's a fact. This thing is cooked well done. Sanders' strategy to steal the election from the American people with SDs? Ask any unicorn- it's a fantasy. Why is GDP still here? To fight a phantom war in the 5th dimension?

Reality, it's your friend!

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