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Member since: Mon Apr 11, 2016, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 2,117

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"It's over for Bernie Sanders - he needs to stop attacking Hillary before he helps Donald.."


Tomorrow's NY Daily News cover: End of the GOP

Copy and paste the whole link below


Hillary won Indiana in 2008 and it didn't help her

The false hope that this tiny Indiana win will give the BS supporters... I hope they retain some perspective here so the self torture doesn't continue.

GOP goals: build pipeline, throw out the Mexicans, revoke healthcare

The general election has begun. This is what Hillary is opposing. Read this list.


GDP on ignore, since the primary is over

It's mostly super angry people there who have lost all ability to put forth reasonable arguments. Their posts are so ridiculously over the top that I can't take it seriously anymore. Do they really think they're going to convince anybody by going into a rage, full of silly insults and lack of calm reason?

It's like the final scene of Titanic over there, chaos and pure emotion.

Arguing with such a small number of people on the Internet, which don't reflect what most people in the real world think, is really a waste of time.

Moving on to the general election now.

Bernie's stance on Israel, I'm a Hillary voter who agrees with Bernie

I know this cost him with the Jewish vote in New York, but I totally respect his balls to say it. If you look at the facts, it looks like Israel is just making land grabs illegally. Anyone have evidence to refute this? If not, why aren't more politicians speaking up to let Israel know it needs to back up?

If I was a one issue voter this would have swayed me to Bernie. But I'm not.

Btw, this should be appropriate for GDP since it is an issue in the primary.

Do you think Israel is to blame for the violence there?

I have to say, if you just look at the facts, it looks like Israel is just making land grabs illegally. I'm a Hillary supporter, but I kind of agree with Bernie on this issue.

What do you think?

GDP is a lot like the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812

You see, the Paris Treaty had already ended the war, but it took ships months to cross the Pacific and bring the news to New Orleans. Although the battle at New Orleans was very real, it was a battle that was unnecessary, causing destruction and death, simply because they didn't realize the war was already over.

The only GDP thread you ever need to open

All threads in GDP contain the following information, so if you're wondering what's the latest in GDP, see this thread for the next couple of months.

Bernie supporters:

Hillary is bought and paid for.
She is no different than a republican.
She rigged the election.
Half the Hillary people here are paid by Brock.
Sanders can still win.
Hillary is a warmonger, the facts prove it.
Hillary will be indicted any day now, and hopefully it will happen for the good of America.
The establishment always planned to coronate Hillary, the results of the primary and the rigged elections prove it.
Her transcripts probably reveal she is getting rich being Wall Street's puppet.
Hillary voters are definitely low information voters.
Trump will beat Hillary and Hillary supporters will be to blame for it all.
Skinner shouldn't call it until it's really over.

Hillary supporters:

Sanders isn't really a democrat.
The election is over if you understand math.
The indictment fairy was all dreamed up by republicans, and sore loser BS supporters now believe it because it's their last chance.
Hillary's policy ideas were never that different from Bernie's.
BS supporters don't realize that writing in Sanders helps destroy our first chance in decades to take the Supreme Court.
BS supporters heard it somewhere that Hillary is a warmonger and swallowed that line because researching the facts is too hard.
Hillary is winning because she is getting more votes.
You can take Wall Street's money and still kick their ass.
Big business, while well regulated, is a vital element of any economy.
Hillary wants to fix the wealth gap, too.
Bernie supporters are definitely low information voters.
Bernie really never had an understanding of how he would implement his big ideas.
Bernie blew his chances by showing his temperament can't allow anyone to be on his lawn at anytime.
Skinner should call it already

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