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Member since: Mon Apr 18, 2016, 07:35 PM
Number of posts: 2,280

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DWS should have no role in Hillary's campaign. I say this as big Hillary supporter.

I'm a big Hillary supporter. I loathe Bernie or Bust and the Green Party and everyone else who is trying to get Trump elected by taking votes away from Hillary. But even though it is Bernie or Busters who are the most adamant anti-DWS force, it's time to capitulate to them and cut her loose.

Personally, I don't really have an opinion about DWS either way. But a lot of people hate her. Justified or not. We need their votes. DWS needs to disappear to an undisclosed location until December. After that they can set her up with a cushy consulting gig, she can sit on boards and give speeches, her kids will get recommendation letters that get them into Harvard, everything will be great in her life. She just can't be part of this presidential campaign.

Is it fair that she gets ousted for emails someone else wrote? Probably not. Is there sexism at work? Probably. But the stakes are way too high. Life isn't fair. Time to take one for the team.

Someone talk me off the ledge.

The RNC has the worst convention ever. His wife plagiarizes Michelle Obama. Ted Cruz goes rogue. Trump gives a speech sounding like the bad guy from Road Warrior. And after all that Hillary's up by like 2 points.

And now Putin hacks into DNC emails and manages to get the chairwoman to resign. And MSNBC has apparently decided to shoot their convention coverage in front of a Bernie or Bust protest.

WTF is going on here? We need to CRUSH Trump. This shouldn't be close.

Hate to say I told ya so. But I told ya so.


Here's what's gonna happen with the FBI thing.

They're gonna say that Hillary broke rule xyz and that it was very bad of her, rule xyz is a very important rule. Bad Hillary. And then they are going to say that despite breaking the very serious rule xyz, it doesn't rise to a criminal offense that can be prosecuted.

So the Lewandowski thing. Is Trump going to start acting sane now?

Looks like everyone around him, including his kids, realized that crazy racist Donald wasn't going to win the general election. I always thought that he was going to try and act sane for the GE.

The question is, can he pull it off? And even if he does, will it be able to undo the damage he's already done to his reputation?

Question for the "I'll never vote for Hillary" people.

Have you voted Democratic for president anytime in the last 30+ years? Because if you did, then you voted for someone who was either similar to Hillary ideologically, or to her right.

And in those other elections, we weren't facing a Trump. Say what you will about Romney or McCain, neither of them is Trump.

So what's going on this time around? I get that some Bernie or Busters have been voting Green this whole time anyway, but what possible reason could there be to not vote Hillary over Trump, but yes vote Obama over Romney?

Please no NBA spoilers in GDP! Watching in on DVR now. Thanks.

Just wait! The email fairy/assange/fart squad/BoB is going to get her! She's dooooomed!

Serves her right for getting 3 million votes more than Saint Bernie! The nerve of that woman, doesn't she know her place? Donald Trump will avenge Bernie and every other white dude who doesn't think "getting more votes" entitles "entitled Hillary" to the nomination.

Tell me the fart thing is a joke. What is "truthdig.com"?


Ordinarily I would just assume this was a joke, but with all the stupidity going around, who knows?

Just so you know: posting the same conspiracy lie 20 times doesn't make it true.

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