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Member since: Fri Apr 29, 2016, 09:01 PM
Number of posts: 1,509

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So much for Marc Meadows cooperating with Smith

There was speculation from some of the legal analysists that Meadows had turned on Trump and was cooperating with Smith but if that was the case would Fani Wilis have indicted him as a co-conspirator?

HELP Please!

Trying to find a thread where Glen Kirschner discusses televising Trump trial. Anybody know where I cN find it?

Anybody know what the latest is on Bowbert election

Like what's left to count and does Frisch have a chance

Is Boebert up in votes now?

Is Wisconsin a done or is there hope

The way I understand it the AP hasn't called it and there is a batch of mail in voting coming in which favors dems.

Anybody heard anything on Wisconsin and Mandela

I know that Johnson is slightly ahead. Does anybody know what vote is in and in which areas the vote is still out? Has the early and mail in vote been counted?

Does anyone know about new polling

Which says H. WALKER has gotten to 50% in New polls. Last time I checked Warnock was +4. Are these new polls republican leading?

Why is Mandela Barnes running away from Biden now of all times

Why isn't Mandela Barnes campaigning with Biden in Wisconsin. I could see this if Biden's numbers were as low as they were month ago. But with his numbers picking up I believe this sounds the wrong message. I believe we should be sending a message of solidarity.

YEP. CNN has gone full FOX

I was just watching an interview one of there hosts was doing with Charlie Dent, and the newscaster started talking g about Biden's "flagging poll numbers". Someone should tell them that Bidens "poll" numbers are climbing.

Pundits are saying the FBI investigation boosted Trump

However, the operative word is it has boosted support among Republicans. Repubs are already so far gone it doesn't matter. But what has the FBI investigation done to independents and to Dems. Have we also got an uptick of support?
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