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DLCWIdem's Journal
DLCWIdem's Journal
May 26, 2016


WHEN Sanders was at that democratic dinner right before the Wisconsin primary both he and Clinton were asked to mention him. ONLY Clinton did. He didn't have to fund raise or anything just give him a little publicity. It's kind of funny, that, now, when Feingold is getting his own publicity that Sanders is all interested.

May 23, 2016

K n R

May 22, 2016

and here we are again circling right back to the beginning....

Now that the election fraud and conspiracy theories seem to be dying down (somewhat) from the Bernie Bros and Sanders himself has stopped implying malfeasance we come back to his assertion that the process is rigged because of super delegates. Which of course he needs to overturn the will of the voters, but somehow doesn't see the hypocrisy. So lets examine his claim that starting out HRC had an advantage because the super delegates were already in her corner. While he is right in saying that she had super delegates, what is forgotten was that by mid March after she won that pledged delegate lead, the news media started separating pledged delegates from super delegates in the total count. Furthermore, DWS told the media to stop counting super delegates. Any supposed advantage of knowing who the super delegates were supporting should have been clearly over shadowed by the her pledged lead. The media, however, kept on portraying that she was winning only because of the super delegates. It was not until HRC was interrupted by the Bernie bros in her event when she said she was ahead in votes that the media started portraying the true situation, that Hillary was ahead in pledged delegates, and that it had been fairly early in the primary process when she developed that pledge delegate lead. Where was this rigging, then.

May 21, 2016

Arizona isn't the only state with GOP disenfranchisement; where are the bros on Wisconsin

When the Bernie Bros spout out there conspiracy theories about the states that have voter fraud or voter trouble they don't even mention Wisconsin, perhaps because it doesn't fit into their narrative, as Bernie won this state. But Wisconsin has one of the most brutal GOP disenfranchising laws that there is. But as of yesterday, we are very close to overturning those laws.


In a article in progressive magazine reveals that Judge Posner one of the judges in the case regrets his decision in 2007. Thanks to some dramatic testimony from Todd Allbaugh a former intern in Walkers office who said Walker and his repugs were "giddy" at disenfranchising voters. You might have seen this publicized on MSNBC on hardball and in The New York Times so kudos to those organizations for their reporting.

May 21, 2016

Whenever I feel afraid I whistle a happy tune

There have been several threads lately questioning Barbara Boxer's statement that she had been afraid in Nevada. In particular, CU of TYT has put out a video of Boxer's defiant exit from the stage, and said she flipped the bird. Someone needs to tell Cenk that yes standing up to being bullied is a response to fear.

May 19, 2016

Fox news had Clinton winning Penn by only 2 pts

Around 3-4 days before those 5 states voted in those closed primary, I checked out 538. I had to look a couple of times because I thought it was a typo. Fox news had Clinton up by only 2 points in Penn, MD, CA, and CT. It was 2 points nationally but while all the other polls had here way up there in the numbers in the other states Fox only had her up by 2 in all the states.

May 18, 2016

Lawrence O'Donnell is wrong

Yesterday Lawrence O'Donnell said that Bernie wasn't damaging Hillary. He is wrong. Trump is going after her for her past, but he is also repeating Bernie's memes. Crooked Hillary came about because he was talking about the campaign finance system and the crookrd system.. Just yesterdat Trump tweeted system is rigged.

May 18, 2016

narrative changes about chairs

Has anybody noticed how the narrative changed in GD-P. At first it was where are the chairs their are no chairs. There was no one throwing chairs. Someone must have posted a picture of a chair because the narrative changed to well there was a person with a chair lifted over his head but he did not throw it. Another berner stopped him from throwing it. I don't know how many threads said there were no chairs. That MSM was hiding there was no chairs.

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