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DLCWIdem's Journal
DLCWIdem's Journal
November 12, 2020

Greg Sargent writes in the WP that the Faustian bargain between Trump and Reps is about to unravel

Greg Sargent writes that the bargain is about to unravel because it is coming up on the reality of the dates of certification and when the electors meet in December.

He says that the agreement is actually already unraveling because Trump seems to be mad at the Republicans because they haven't gone far enough to support him.

IMO I would agree and would further say that this might backfire because once those electors vote in January and Biden is elected then the base is going to be deflated no matter what.

November 10, 2020

Now up by 12,338 in GA

November 9, 2020

Is there any way we can get the footage of the observers challenging the ballots

I heard from a couple sources that the GOP observers were challengingevery single dem vote especially in Michigan. No doubt that is why the wanted to get their observers closer from the 10 to tbe 6 feet. If we could somehow get a hold of those tapes. I thin it might help show people what GOP was like. ( i know that all of the counting was done on close circuit tv)

November 8, 2020

MSNBC had an analyst who said COVID wasn't what took Trump down

The analyst said he won in all the places where COVID is surging. However that analysis is backward and flawed. Couldn't it be the other way around.
. Trump went to those places where he knew he had supporters and he thought he could win them with his rallies and brought COVID with him. And those places are disporportionately not using masks.

November 8, 2020

Trumpers said we would cry. AND WE ARE !!!

I don't know how many reporters I have seen break onto tears of joy and just a acknowledgement of this moment. Van Jones, Claire McCaskill.....

November 7, 2020

IMO when dems organize for Georgia

They need to stress the pandemic stimulus that Mcturtle has just said the senate does not need to pass. And maybe bring Harris down there because if the senate is 50/50 we will be seeing more of her as she votes the tie breaker in the senate.

November 7, 2020

Got a question about DOJ officials

Do these appointments have to be confirmed by Senate

November 7, 2020

I think I see a pattern emerging.

1. Joe Scarborough comes out and says There was no great blue wave. In fact, Democratics didn't even win. Even though they still got control of the House they lost seats. They didn't do well in Senate they have only a net gain of 1. They didn't get control of the senate. The majority of Americans have repudiated thier agenda. Etc.... They have got to govern to our side not the liberal side.

2. Rick Santorum comes out and basically says the same thing. Democrats didn't have a big election. Etc... the American people don't want their socialist agenda. Etc...

3. Charlie Dent comes out says the American people chose a divided government they want checks and balances....

Do you see the pattern. They are trying to downplay our win. In will not let them this is a win.

Dont get me wrong if they want unity. I am for it like Joe said. But don't let them fool us into thinking this wasn't a win.

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