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Member since: Mon May 2, 2016, 08:11 PM
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Wow Clinton needs to do a mic check

Her mic is very low and can barely hear her. Not good way to Start a GE run, omens of how it is going to be.

Cnn right now is showing Trumps empty podium.

Yup Good luck with the MSM giving Trump press coverage for free. The MSM gave the RNC primary to him so why not the GE. If anyone does not think media coverage matters then you have never watch a single POTUS election.

Super Delegates

I was not here at start of the primaries but I read on twitter back in begin that many people who I assumed supported Clinton where arguing at one time that Super Delegates vote as the see fit. This was centered around Howard Dean because he was going against will of people in supporting Clinton. The state he is a SD for Vermont voted overwhelming for Sanders. Now on here I read all HRC people saying that SD should vote how people voted. What has changed or has it always been on here HRC supporters think SD should vote as people of there states vote?
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