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Member since: Fri May 6, 2016, 12:03 PM
Number of posts: 180

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Jake Tapper Just Now: Bernie DEMOLISHED Clinton in WV

Love it!

Bernie Gearing up to Run the table and Taking it to the Convention on a Yuggggge Win Streak!

The Super Delegates will really have to decide if they want to go down with the ship or get on board with the revolution and keep a Democrat in the white house.

The Fabricated Claims of A Clinton Win Streak at the end of 2008

Clinton supporters seem to be spreading false info about some imaginary win streak as of late for whatever reason, but here are the facts:

The final 12 contests

MAR 8 Wyoming - Obama

MAR 11 Mississippi - Obama

April 22 Pennsylvania - Clinton

May 3 Guam - TIE

May 6 Indiana - Clinton
May 6 NC - Obama

May 13 WV - Clinton

May 20 0regon - Obama
May 20 Kentucky - Clinton

June 1 Puerto Rico - Clinton

June 3 Montana - Obama
June 3 South Dakota - Clinton

Obama 5 - Clinton 6

Pundit On Cnn This Morning: Every Sanders Win Weakens Clinton

This was followed by another pundit saying that these losses expose what a weak candidate Clinton is for the general election since more voters are supporting Sanders this late in the season.

Soon: Bernie Sanders Victory speech After Dominant Win WV on CNN

Tune in!

WV Repudiates Clinton and Sends Sanders to Victory

WV just called for Sanders by AP

Hillary Clinton Said She would Release her Wall Street Transcripts If

Hillary Clinton said She would release her Wall Street transcripts If all other candidates both Democrat and Republican would. Well there are two other candidates and both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have not Given Paid wall street speeches, so it is time for Hillary Clinton to keep her promise!

Clinton targets Bush Wall Street Donors

Their message to moderate Republicans: She represents your values better than Trump.

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