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Member since: Tue May 10, 2016, 10:09 PM
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Did Trump ever admit to debate preparation?

Any at all?

It's like he thinks that to do so would be to admit he didn't already know everything, which would make him weak in his eyes.

Melania: Trump isn't old enough to run for president.

"I heard many different stuff uh, boys talk, I uh, the boys, the way they talk when they grow up and they want to uh, um, sometimes show each other all this and that, and talking about the girls and..."

Whatever with that barely-intelligible drivel, but she uses the word "boy" so much (more than I even quoted), talking about a 59-year old man.

If Donald Trump was a BOY at 59, he was no older than 12. Add the intervening 11 years since the video was shot and he's ~23. You need to be 35 to run for president.


Re: "The obvious bias in the national media."

Cry, cry, cry!

Here's an idea, make your own media outlets! Oh right, they have tons of media outlets. So what's the problem? People won't watch, listen, or believe your crap?

Then your arguments are bunk and that's YOUR problem. Keep crying, whiners.

/rant off

“The election of Hillary Clinton will lead to the destruction of our country,”

“Believe me.” -Trump

How hard can I roll my eyes online?

It got me thinking though, it's almost time to post a list of all the bat-shit crazy things they said Obama would do if he got elected/re-elected, like taking away everyone's guns. Anyone able to think of any other specific doom-saying that happened re: Obama?

"Nobody respects women more than me."

It defies all reality that this man can utter that sentence over and over, even in the face of the video. Is he trying to convince himself, or does he think women are really that stupid?

I LOVE that he's going out as The Pervert!

It's especially great because it disgusts well over half the population.

Hopefully his brands will become toxic and he his legal shenanigans finally catch up to him. I don't care how he pays, but pay he should--for what he did to the country and our president.

Anyone else think the GOP will have superdelegates by the next election?

I was literally yelling, "What a DICK!" at the TV over and over during the debate.

When he said he was going to throw her in jail, and then actually dragged out her husband's affairs for the whole world to ponder.

You know, I never hated Romney or McCain. Palin a little, maybe, but she was especially irritating in multiple ways.


Remember this thread from last month?: "Fuck. There is video." :)



Conspiracy Theories Thrive at a Trump Rally

Probably a re-post at this point, but I just saw it and it shows how bat-shit insane some Trump supporters are:

Trump Praises Himself for Not Bringing Up Bill’s Affairs

Trump Tells Media He’s Too Classy to Bring Up Bill’s Affairs

During this campaign Donald Trump has joked about his penis size during a debate, suggested a rival’s wife is ugly, and threatened to force another opponent to confront her husband’s former mistress. But, according to Donald Trump, he showed tremendous restraint on Monday night when he opted not to attack Hillary Clinton for her husband’s infidelities.


I also heard Priebus saying he was so proud of Trump for his discipline or something. What a classy guy!

"Don't make me hurt my numbers even further with women. I'll do it!!" ... Idiot.
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