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America's Big Lie: 'This is not who we are'

Here's a great read:

America's Big Lie: 'This is not who we are'

by Vernon Williams

The first thing folk want to claim when we find ourselves in the throes of some unfathomable tragedy is, “This is not us. We are better than this.” Well, if Americans really want to ever get a grip on problems plaguing this nation, the first thing required would be to stop living a lie.

Eight senseless killings in three Atlanta spas were followed only four days later by the soulless slaughter of 10 innocent people at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. Horrendous as those two incidents were alone, the gruesome truth is that they were only two of at least seven mass murders in the U.S. over about a one-week stretch.In Indianapolis, there have been two mass murders since the start of 2021, including one quadruple deadly assault only days before the Atlanta tragedy. An argument over a stimulus check led a 25-year-old man to shoot the mother of his child and kill four of her relatives, the youngest victim being only seven years old.

In Chicago, during the second weekend of March, there were a total of 40 shootings reported and four killed—including 15 shot and two fatalities at one location in the aftermath of an early-morning party in the 6700 block of South Chicago Avenue. The deadly trend this month is nationwide.


Over and over again after a shooting, leads spokespersons proclaim "This is not who we are".

When you have a gun and gun violence problem, the worst thing to claim is that there is not a problem.

Go ahead and search for the phrase "This is not who we are" + shooting.

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