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Member since: Fri May 13, 2016, 07:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,128

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Sanders just killed whatever Latino support he had

His campaign reduced the number of polling sites in PR and Latinos are saying it was in order to suppress their votes. This won't play well in Cali

It looks like Hillary will get all of the VI delegates

Since Sanders did not reach the threshold to qualify for any delegates

Let's say it gets to to convention

And then BS loses on the first ballot, then what?

How will Bernie replay over $600k for his Rome jaunt?

According to his supporters, he doesn't have that kind of money, so how is he going to pay his campaign back?

Super delegates need for 2383

It looks like according to most projections that Hillary would need around 200 supers to clinch the nomination and Bernie would need around 500+, after DC has voted. So, around 300 supers that have committed to Hillary can change their minds and Hillary would still be the nominee. Does this sound right?

Is Obama a super delegate

Has super delegate Sanders announced who he is supporting? Has Bill Clinton?

We need a thread to lighten the mood around here

Here's why an indictment is never going to happen

She is a former FLOTUS. They will not open the can of worms by formally charging her. It opens up the possibility of other current and former Presidents and Spouses being charged domestically and more importantly, internationally. This is a loss of international prestige that is WAY more important that anything else. Period.

I don't think Bernie plans to ever leave the race....

He's finding the attention too intoxicating. Once Hillary is declared presumptive nominee, most of the media will stop paying attention to him. He will then start going on Faux News and the ilk to whine about how unfairly he was treated. He doesn't have the resources and doesn't want to do the hard work for an independent run, so he's just going to keep pretending he's also running with Hillary and Trump

June 8, 2016----National pray to indictment fairy day?

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