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Member since: Fri May 13, 2016, 07:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,128

Journal Archives

Is Bernie done, done if he loses OR tonight

OR has long been touted as his strongest state out of the remaining. Do you think he will bow out if he loses OR. Even someone as idiotic as Cruz knew when it was time to exit, stage right

Sanders campaign ad buying in California scaled back?

I heard he is only spending $500k on ad buys in California, which is no where near enough. Anyone have any info about this or to the contrary?

California senate primary

Who will win?

Will the parties change to closed primaries for 2020

I am a big proponent of closed primaries--- you should only be allowed to vote in your party's primary if you are a registered Democrat or a registered Republican. Given 2016 do you think the parties will move to closed primaries?

Why arent't Bernie's yuuuuge rallies.....

Translating into votes? Any rational answers for this? He should have blown Hillary out of the water by now if all hus rally goers showed up to vote and yet he is behind by over 3 million votes. What gives?

Bernie Sanders motivation

I had dinner tonigh with some academic friends and this topic came up. Most were of the opinion that at this point Sanders is still in it for a better, higher profile job and will be more than happy to take one with Trump if the right offer was made. I wanted to see what people here on DU thought of this

Sanders supporters

Say by some miracle Sanders is elected President and has a republican house and senate to contend with, please enlighten me hoe and what he is going to get done from his promises?
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