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Member since: Fri May 13, 2016, 07:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,128

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The deplorables will never understand

This post is for anyone thinking that the deplorables will come to regret their support for Trump. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. They want to protect the sanctity of marriage and the unborn fetus. They do not care if in the process they all die because they have no jobs, no health coverage etc. Years of religious brainwashing has turned them into sheeple who cannot think for themselves. They hate the Muslims for their ultra conservative behavior while accepting their own radical teachings because they belong to the "right" religion. The want to bring the crusades to the 21st century. Period.

What is deplorable in chief Conway up to today?

Has she given us more precious nuggets of her wisdom?

Secret Service at the Trump Tower

I read somewhere that they are using the Secret Service's presence at the Trump Tower as a selling point. I hope no one is stupid enough to fall for that. I have very close friends that used to live in the same sub-division as GWB here in Dallas and it was a nightmare visiting them.

Also, the second Trump gets sworn in, his family is guaranteed secret service protection for a long time. Trump and Melania get covered for 10 years after he leaves office (wonder what happens it they divorce after he leaves office?) and Barron gets coverage atleast until his 18th Birthday-so they'll get to make money of the secret service protection for years and years.

Yes, I know the Clinton's have/had the SS pay their mortgage pretty much, but it atleast they weren't profiting off it in a business sense

I hope the SC overturns Roe vs Wade, Gay Marriage and Civil Rights

This is what the country needs right now. No protections of anyone but white men. Unfortunately, that is the only wake up call that will spur people to go to the ballot box.

The inevitable state banquet for Putin

When do we expect this?

Places to move to survive a Trump Presidency

I am good friends with a young Muslim couple from the Middle East with elderly parents (all citizens). The live in small town Texas and are now seriously considering moving somewhere else in the US to get away from the inevitable racism and bigotry that is going to come their way. They are also worried about their parents, who are suffering from a host of ailments and are highly dependent on their Medicare/Medicaid. I told them that there was no point in moving as it'll all be the same and am now wondering if I gave them the right advice? Thought I would get DU to weigh in

If you could go back in time to the morning of Nov 7, 2016...

What would you do differently, if anything?

I would, personally, fly to Detroit and spend the day helping the GOTV efforts

Trump would probably spend the day insulting rust belt voters (he really doesn't want the job)

Francois Hollande will not stand for reelection for President of France

Socialist with abysmal approval ratings decides he doesn't want to lose reelection and bails.

Pelosi wins

Let's see if she learned something from this year's election debacle

How the electoral college works

The number of electors each state has is determined by population, so states with population increases will get more electors and one with decreases will keep losing electors. There are many states that already have the bare minimum number of electors (3, two for the two senators from the state and 1 for the congressperson)
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