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Member since: Fri May 13, 2016, 07:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,128

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Prediction time: Who's going to need a blanket pardon on Trump/Pence's last day in office

Lets predict who will need a blanket pardon on the last day of the soon to be administration. I know, it'll be easier to make a list of who won't , but lets try:

1. Attorney General Sessions
2. Former President Trump (if he has resigned or been impeached, I don't believe he can pardon himself)

Who else?

How is Trump's ego going to deal with cabinet members

Who are actual billionaires?

There will be multiple hearings and investigations into Hillary in the next few years

The republicans are planning on this to keep their base distracted, cannot have them realize that Trump and Co. have no intention of even trying to fulfill all of the promises they made during the election

Pelosi needs to go

She lost the speakership in 2010 and yet almost 7 years on she insists on hanging on to the leadership. It has been three elections in a row now where we have lost congress under her leadership. What will it take to get her to go?

Electoral College 306-232

Michigan has been awarded to the President Elect and he now has 36 more electors that he needs to win. I do not see any realistic way where get 36 faithless electors.

We as democrats need to accept these results and move on and plan for local and state elections over the next two years and the presidential election in 2020.

I do not expect the recounts to change the overall outcome of this election. However, I am optimistic that it will raise enough doubts to where improvements in the election process and systems will be considered.

The President and nuclear weapons

I know he has access to the launch codes but from what little I know he can't just launch them, right? There are several other people who need to agree to launch them as well

Election rigging

The US has been and continues to rig elections all over the world. Did y'all think that every country where the CIA rigged the elections to "protect" US interests was going to take it laying down for ever and ever?

Obama CANNOT support a recount

As POTUS he will not do anything to undermine The US's faith in its electoral process. That's a can of worms not worth opening no matter what. He has to preach acceptance of the results and be the great unifier despite his personal feelings on the matter. It's called being a leader. Ironically, Trump will fail at that

The next few years would be popcorn worthy if it was not so scary

Watch as Trump's inner circle rips each other to shreds trying to keep his ear. His supporters are going to be disillusioned when nothing they wants gets done. There are just too many competing fractions in this for a smooth 4 years

We won the popular vote posters-- did you not learn anything from 2000?

I see many posts on here saying we did good because we won the popular vote. Do you not realize that this does not get us anything!? NY and CA do not elect a President by themselves, we need to appeal to the flyover states as well to win. Like it or not the electoral college is how we elect Presidents and it is not going anywhere. Also, winning the popular vote in the Presidential race did little for us in congress. So, please please open your eyes and try not to hang your hat on a popular vote victory that is ultimately meaningless.
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