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Member since: Fri May 13, 2016, 07:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,128

Journal Archives

Any news on Robby Mook?

He seems to have disappeared

Tulsi Gubbard

What a wolf in sheep's clothing has she turned out to be. Ran over to Trump begging for a job

HoW long will it take for the democrats to recover?

The mid-terms are gone because of the sheer number of democratic senators up for reelection. I can't see a seriously viable candidate on the horizon for 2020. So, is 2024 the earliest?

My conservative coworker (and friends) did not vote in the Presidential ballot

She said she has her church women's group (about 30 women) decided they would not vote for anyone for President and just vote on the other races on the ballot. Hopefully a lot of republicans are doing this and it costs Trump Texas

Taking Bets: When does Kellyanne sue Trump for non-payment


Janet Reno

I'm saddened that the first female attorney general of the US did not live to see the first woman elected President of the United States

What!? Christie does not even merit a hypothetical cabinet pick?

Drumph is abandoning friends in their hour of need
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