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Member since: Fri May 13, 2016, 07:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,128

Journal Archives

All Florida DU Members: Please work to GOTV if you can

We need to GOTV in FL, not because we might need it for the electoral votes but a heavy democratic turnout means retirement for Rubio

FBI investigating Hillary's ties to Bill


Faux News article on the latest electoral college projections


If Trump were to win all the states leaning toward or solidly in the GOP column, hed be short at 192 electoral votes. But winning all the toss-up states would put him just 15 electoral votes shy of 270.

So, by Faux News calculation, Trump cannot win the electoral college.

Steven Seagal granted Russian citizenship by Putin


Did we add red states to the Union?

How is Kornacki's map at 270 EV for Trump?

Bombshell email revealed, Chaffetz vows at least a dozen different inquiries

From: HClinton@state.gov
To: Huma.Abedin@weiner.com

Re: Trump's hairpiece


I don't believe that Trump's hair is real

Place bets: What time will the networks call the election?

I think after 2000 they are skeptical and will wait until polling closes in Cali

The future of James Comey as head of the FBI

I think he is pretty secure in his position as head of the FBI for the foreseeable future, unless a President Trump fires him. I doubt a President Clinton could fire him without stirring up a political s##t storm and given his recent defense, I doubt President Obama would fire him anytime soon

The backlash against posters who are concerned about the election

I am disgusted by long time DU posters and their attitude towards posters who are genuinely concerned about a tightening national race:

The goal was never just to have Hillary become 45. It was to get as many democrats and liberals in positions of power as possible.

Yes, some of us are genuinely concerned about the race. I live in TX and am in a position to see ground reality on a daily basis and many, many republicans are coming out of the woodwork saying that they are going to vote this year after all, mainly due to the new FBI information. They do not like or support Trump but now are reminded that they don't like or trust Hillary more and a vote for Trump is more about stopping Hillary than supporting the orange buffoon.

You will say so what, Hillary was never going to win TX anyways. Again, this is not about the presidential race but down ballot races. A higher republican turnout means that democrats will probably not make the down ballot gains they could have otherwise. And this is VERY IMPORTANT. The last 8 years have proved beyond a doubt that without significant gains on the congressional, state and even local levels, a democrat in the WH is not going to get much accomplished.

So, please do not write off the concerns of your fellow DU posters as unwarranted hysteria or worse, trolling. This election is a much bigger fight than getting the next POTUS elected.
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