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Member since: Fri May 13, 2016, 07:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,128

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Has super delegate Sanders announced who he is supporting? Has Bill Clinton?

We need a thread to lighten the mood around here

Here's why an indictment is never going to happen

She is a former FLOTUS. They will not open the can of worms by formally charging her. It opens up the possibility of other current and former Presidents and Spouses being charged domestically and more importantly, internationally. This is a loss of international prestige that is WAY more important that anything else. Period.

I don't think Bernie plans to ever leave the race....

He's finding the attention too intoxicating. Once Hillary is declared presumptive nominee, most of the media will stop paying attention to him. He will then start going on Faux News and the ilk to whine about how unfairly he was treated. He doesn't have the resources and doesn't want to do the hard work for an independent run, so he's just going to keep pretending he's also running with Hillary and Trump

June 8, 2016----National pray to indictment fairy day?

Who could Bill Kristol's third party candidate be?

It's obviously an attempt to ensure that neither of the candidates get the 270 electrol votes needed and the House gets to decide

I find it amusing that the supporters are tearing each other down more than the candidates are

When do Weaver and others leave the campaign...

I know Bernie is wanting to take this to the convention, but once Hillary is declared the prospective nominee, what next for them? I'm sure some of them are not willing to burn all their bridges because they want to work in the future. So, when do you think the senior campaign staff start abandoning ship?

Hillary or no Hillary Sanders is not going to be the nominee....

Unless he somehow manages to get a majority if the pledged delegates by June 14. I cannot imagine any other scenario in which the democrats go with Sanders as the nominee

The shoot the gays song at Bernie's rally

Is at best a fabrication and at worst a honest mistake. There is no way in this day and age that any politicians even one that was anti-gay (and loads of evidence says that Bernie is pro LGBT) would sanction such a song for their rally.

Bernie should just set a time and place and ask Trump to show up

And then when he doesn't the chicken moniker will be justified
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