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Member since: Fri May 13, 2016, 07:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,128

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Covfefe is code for...

I hereby resign the Office of President of the United States

Trump voters are beyond hope

I interact with quite a few "God fearing" trumpers in daily life. Most of them when presented with the steep cuts to the social safety net are A-OK with it. This is because the previous President ran up the debt 'mericah is in and this one has to make deep cuts to balance the books. Also, they are a hundred and ten percent sure that the repeal of ACA will not affect them in the least because Trumpcare is meant to leave those "others" without subsidized medicines not patriots like them

Does anyone think Trump is completely in charge?

I don't believe for a min that he is in charge of things like other Presidents. Even the republicans aren't stupid enough to trust him with ALL vital things. I don't believe that he can order generals to start a war. And his access to the launch codes is probably for show.

Will it be AF1 returning from the overseas jaunt?

After all it cannot be called AF1 if President Pence isn't on board

Henry Kissinger for Director of the FBI

Trump is looking for a stooge and Kissinger is nothing if not a stooge. Plus, he's only 93 so he's good for a 10-year term right

The US needs to split into two countries

I'm sorry to say this but the US really needs to split along progressive and conservative lines and become two countries. I have come to the conclusion that most conservative religious wing nuts are just too stupid to live. Let the new conservative country give the wealthy massive tax cuts and let's the 99% die of starvation. They don't deserve any better.

We do not need to waste time on Trump sharing classified info with the Russians....

Now, if he had emailed them the info then we would need multiple congressional investigations costing millions of dollars. However, he only invited them to the Oval Office and verbally shared the news with them

If Cornyn gets the FBI gig which POS will Abbott name to the Senate?

I think Trump has no intention of naming a replacement FBI Director soon...

It seems Beauguard is looking for an appropriate interim candidate who will probably be perm in all but name

Thankful this Trump is the republican President

If we needed to have a republican in the WH glad it is Grifter Don the Con than Ryan or Pence or anyone else remotely qualified to accomplish all of their agenda in a stealth fashion.
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