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Member since: Fri May 13, 2016, 07:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,128

Journal Archives

Help me understand when Trumpcare goes into effect

When do the cuts for Medicare and Medicaid go into effect? I though it was 2020 so the effects will not be evident before the midterms

Father's Day if your son is one of the dead sailors

I can't even begin to imagine....

Do not go over to Faux News

The loons are out in full force, they want all liberals arrested for this

Will Congress require all Republican congress members to have secret service protection

Only the republicans though

Shut down the investigation

The Keebler Elf says its a lie

Chris Christie to be named special prosecutor

Trump to fire mueller

The Cabinet meeting that took place in Pyongyang

I mean DC today. How are the rethugs justifying this absurd behavior?

Paul Ryan next week: the Attorney General is new to this

he wasn't aware that it's against the law to lie under oath

Is McCain about to stroke out?

He is not making any sense. It seems dementia and Alzheimer's have hit him all at once

Anyone know how Comey's testimony is being received by the right wing media and sites?wing

Are they largely quiet and concentrating on the more important latest celebrity gossip or they actively trying to do an hatchet job on Comey
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