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Home country: Ireland
Current location: Ireland
Member since: Mon May 23, 2016, 04:42 AM
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Nunes, the FBI NY Field Office and Weiner's laptop

See here from 3:24

I don't think enough has been said about this, it's massive. To spell it out

1. Nunes says "Whistleblowers" came to "us" i.e House Intelligence Committee in "Late September 2016", about additional emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop. "Good FBI Agents" were the whistleblowers, clearly from the NY Field Office.

2. Think about that for a second. Nunes, the GOP and Trump campaign knew about Weiner's laptop a month before Comey.

3. He says "they" couldn't use it because it was "classified". This is clearly bullshit.

4. Why did it take a month for the NY Field Office agents to go to Comey ?

5. Why did the NY Field Office agents feel the need to go to Nunes BEFORE going to Comey ?

6. Why did they leave a month go by before going to Comey ?

7. Oh, and the Ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, said Nunes never told him about this.

8. Is Nunes, by volunteering this to Ingraham (who has a whoa WTF moment), getting out in front of the story ? It didn't seem logical to include that in the discussion.

9. Nunes is saying the FBI Agents came to him. What if a combo of Guiliani and Kallstrom gave it to him, as they are the ones well connected to the NY FBI Field Office ?

10. The Big Picture is that the Trump Campaign got the NY Field Office agents to hold off on going to Comey, until less than two weeks before the Election.

UK Royal visit to Cork, Ireland

Gearing up for the welcome to Cork's famous English Market, of Prince Charles and Camilla. I'd have taken a trip into see them but you had to be there an hour or two in advance.






LIVE : MPs prepare to vote on amendments to Brexit Bill

Songs for the elderly

Enjoy !

Frankie Boyle's New World Order Series 2

D-Day for Irish Abortion Referendum. Here are some background vids

Here's one of the political gobshites in action, Mattie McGrath, when they debating this in committee

The Apps For Ireland's Anti-Abortion Campaigns Allow User Data To Be Shared With The NRA

The Save the 8th and LoveBoth apps, hosted by the company that ran apps for the Trump and Brexit campaigns, allow personal user data to be shared with an international network of conservative groups.

Ireland's two largest anti-abortion campaigns are facing questions over privacy after a BuzzFeed News analysis found that personal user data gathered by both of their apps can be shared with an international network of conservative and religious groups that includes the US National Rifle Association.

The Save the 8th campaign and the LoveBoth Project are at the forefront of the campaign to prevent the repeal of the Eighth Amendment of Ireland's constitution – which makes abortion illegal in most cases – when the country votes in a referendum this Friday. Save the 8th's My8 app and the LoveBoth app were developed by the same Washington, DC–based company, Political Social Media LLC, which specialises in building digital campaigning tools for conservative, religious, and anti-abortion groups.


This means data can be shared not just between the two ostensibly separate Irish anti-abortion groups, but also with previous clients such as the NRA, the Trump presidential campaign, the Republican National Committee, and the Susan B. Anthony List, a major US anti-abortion group. In the UK, the network includes the Conservative Party and main pro-Brexit campaign, Vote Leave.

The company has also developed apps for the Australian Christian Lobby and Marriage Alliance, two groups that campaigned unsuccessfully against marriage equality when the country voted on the issue in a postal survey last November.

More here


I hope someone is keeping a list of Obama stuff Trump has overturned by Executive Order, so that on

Day One of the next Democratic President, he gets all that is overturn-able into one Exec Order, and signs it.

Irish Abortion Referendum : When No means F**k Off ...

Context : Referendum on May 25th to Repeal the 8th Amendment which protects the life of the unborn to the detriment of the mother.

Yes Vote wants to get rid of the 8th (almost all Political Parties and Women's groups), No Vote wants to keep it all unchanged and continue to ban abortion in Ireland (Catholic Church, RWNJs etc)

No Campaigner John Waters, Journalist and serious loon, was on with Eamon Dunphy (Soccer commentator, former Drivetime Talk show and Bon Viveur i.e. Pisshead) who ironically said he was going to vote no as well. His podcast The Stand on Tunein.com allows people to give their full opinions.

Anyway, these two have history, but this was just funny

Here is the podcast in its rather short length on tunein


or the short version here

Irish Abortion Referendum : six days to go, and as dirty as I predicted.

I have largely tried to avoid the incessant debates and ads, because I was always going to vote Yes to Repeal the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution, and I just knew I'd end up with blood pressure from the constant lies and dirt from the Pro-Life crowd.

The numbers were always going to narrow once the Anti-Abortionists were in full flow with their lies and deceptions, but with a week to go there is still a 58-42 lead in the Irish Times poll of a couple of days ago. It will be a close run thing.



The Yes side retains a clear advantage in the abortion referendum campaign, but its lead has reduced sharply in the last month, the latest Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI opinion poll has found.

Asked how they will vote in the referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment, 44 per cent of voters now say they will vote in favour of the proposal, a decline of three points since the last poll in late April.

The No vote is at 32 per cent, an increase of four points, while 17 per cent are undecided (a decline of three points). Seven per cent said they will not vote or refused to say.


Once the undecideds and those who will not vote are excluded, the Yes side leads by 58 per cent to 42 per cent, with just over a week to go before polling day.

While this shows a decline of 10 points in the Yes lead since late April, those in favour of repeal still command a 16-point lead as the campaign enters its final, decisive stage.

A tightening of the race was expected by all sides as polling day approaches, and pollsters say that process is likely to continue in the days ahead. But while the Yes side lead has been cut, the No side requires a dramatic acceleration of that process if it is to secure a majority on May 25th.


Some of the sicker posters are

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