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Irish Abortion Referendum : When No means F**k Off ...

Context : Referendum on May 25th to Repeal the 8th Amendment which protects the life of the unborn to the detriment of the mother.

Yes Vote wants to get rid of the 8th (almost all Political Parties and Women's groups), No Vote wants to keep it all unchanged and continue to ban abortion in Ireland (Catholic Church, RWNJs etc)

No Campaigner John Waters, Journalist and serious loon, was on with Eamon Dunphy (Soccer commentator, former Drivetime Talk show and Bon Viveur i.e. Pisshead) who ironically said he was going to vote no as well. His podcast The Stand on Tunein.com allows people to give their full opinions.

Anyway, these two have history, but this was just funny

Here is the podcast in its rather short length on tunein


or the short version here

Irish Abortion Referendum : six days to go, and as dirty as I predicted.

I have largely tried to avoid the incessant debates and ads, because I was always going to vote Yes to Repeal the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution, and I just knew I'd end up with blood pressure from the constant lies and dirt from the Pro-Life crowd.

The numbers were always going to narrow once the Anti-Abortionists were in full flow with their lies and deceptions, but with a week to go there is still a 58-42 lead in the Irish Times poll of a couple of days ago. It will be a close run thing.



The Yes side retains a clear advantage in the abortion referendum campaign, but its lead has reduced sharply in the last month, the latest Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI opinion poll has found.

Asked how they will vote in the referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment, 44 per cent of voters now say they will vote in favour of the proposal, a decline of three points since the last poll in late April.

The No vote is at 32 per cent, an increase of four points, while 17 per cent are undecided (a decline of three points). Seven per cent said they will not vote or refused to say.


Once the undecideds and those who will not vote are excluded, the Yes side leads by 58 per cent to 42 per cent, with just over a week to go before polling day.

While this shows a decline of 10 points in the Yes lead since late April, those in favour of repeal still command a 16-point lead as the campaign enters its final, decisive stage.

A tightening of the race was expected by all sides as polling day approaches, and pollsters say that process is likely to continue in the days ahead. But while the Yes side lead has been cut, the No side requires a dramatic acceleration of that process if it is to secure a majority on May 25th.


Some of the sicker posters are

MSM should use Cambridge Analytica/Emerdata to expose CA's re-branding effort. I haven't heard

them use Emerdata once, even in the Alexander Nix story from last night. WE know why they did the name change, but most people wouldn't.

The Circus on Showtime

Last night's episode was really good. This is from the trailer

But having gone through the interview, Heilemann calls Guiliani, on speakerphone, and Avenatti silently listens to Giuliani character assassinate Avenatti ! That's going to come back on Rudy.

Also, there was an interview with the unhinged Roger Stone.

John Brennan was also on, saying that they will get Trump eventually based on what Brennan himself knows.

Well worth watching.

Facebook (Foreign) & Google/Youtube (ALL) block ads in Irish Abortion Referendum

The Pro-Lifers are doing their nut over this

This is also seen as a test case in relation to elections elsewhere.


Facebook is to block all ads related to the Eighth Amendment referendum that come from advertisers outside of Ireland. The social media giant is responding to criticism that unaccountable foreign advertising is gaining traction in the referendum campaign.
From today, the company will begin blocking any referendum-related ads that do not come from organisations legitimately registered in Ireland.

Facebook has also indicated that it will implement the same rule for future elections in Ireland, disallowing any ads that do not come from registered entities in Ireland. However, the move will not prevent ads that are funded from abroad if they are placed through organisations located in Ireland.

“Concerns have been raised about organisations and individuals based outside of Ireland trying to influence the outcome of the referendum on the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution of Ireland by buying ads on Facebook,” said the company in a statement.


Google and YouTube to ban all ads relating to abortion referendum


Google is to block all ads on its search engine and on YouTube relating to the upcoming abortion referendum.

“Following our update around election integrity efforts globally, we have decided to pause all ads related to the Irish referendum on the Eighth Amendment,” said a company statement.

The tech giant’s move means that related to the upcoming referendum on the Eighth Amendment are now completely banned on both Google and Twitter.


The company is currently rolling out a ‘verification process’ for election ads in the US, which is expected to extend into other countries.

The ban will take effect within 24 hours also includes related ads on Youtube.

How a night of 'heavy drinking' helped spark the Trump/Russia probe




'I'm a goose' - Australian scrumhalf Nick Phibbs apologises for urinating ON bar in Sydney while

dressed as a cow.

I guess he'll have to turn the udder cheek....

Australian scrumhalf Nick Phibbs has apologised, and is prepared to accept any punishment, for urinating on a bar at the Woollahra Hotel in Sydney.

The Waratahs number 9 was escorted from the bar at 9.45pm on April 21 after committing the disgusting act. He was celebrating with friends on his stag night at the time. A witness has said he was dressed as a cow.

"I'm a goose," Phipps said today. "If I'm going to do the crime, I'll definitely pay the time. It's always been my character – I'll stand up and accept the responsibility. I was a bloody idiot. I want everyone to know how sorry I am.

"It's certainly not something I was proud of, because it's not who I am or what we represent as a team.

"I want to apologise to my team-mates, our organisation and our commercial partners, staff, patrons of the Woollahra Hotel, our fans and supporters for the embarrassment this may have caused.`


He admitted to having very little recollection of the incident.

"I certainly remember just after the incident and beforehand," Phipps said. "It was something that happened for a few seconds and some of the boys grabbed me."

The 61-test Wallaby is the club captain of the Waratahs and there is a chance Phipps will have that role stripped.


Michael Avenatti and what he seemed to suggest re Elliott Briody. Did anyone get that on MJ ?

Avenatti stated that the 3 names given out to the judge (who Cohen represented over the last 3 years) were

Donald Trump
Sean Hannity


no, not Elliott Briody, but the Trump Organisation.

It was Cohen's lawyers who put out the Briody thing, that Cohen had paid a Playboy playmate $1.5m when she got pregnant, and subsequently aborted.

The implication I took from what he said was this was a cover story, and it was Trump who got her pregnant, and it was the Trump organisation who paid up. Briody was covering for Trump.

Did i get this wrong ?

New Jersey lawmakers vote to reinstate Obama Care individual mandate

New Jersey lawmakers have sent a bill to the governor that would reinstate ObamaCare's individual mandate after Congress repealed it late last year.

If signed by Gov. Phil Murphy (D), New Jersey would become the first state to issue a statewide health insurance requirement following Congress's repeal of the rule that most people acquire health insurance or pay a fine, which doesn't take effect until 2019.

The bill would require those without insurance pay a fine equal to 2.5 percent of their household income or $695 per adult and $347 per child, whichever is greater.
State lawmakers said it's an attempt to stabilize New Jersey's insurance markets by ensuring healthy people continue to purchase coverage.

The bill could affect about 275,000 people who get insurance through New Jersey's individual market.

Health experts have worried Congress's repeal of ObamaCare's individual mandate could destabilize the insurance markets, leading to premium increases.

Other states, such as Maryland and California, have also considered passing statewide mandates.

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