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Russian Soccer Thugs riot in Bilbao, policeman dies.



Trump endorses Mitt Romney, and the Man of Character, Mitt accepts endorsement !!!

Incredible, though not surprising.



European Parliament approves proposal to end bi-annual clock change

Not 100% definite to happen but a good news step (as long as they keep the Summer time !).

Changing the clocks every summer and winter could soon be a thing of the past after the European Parliament today voted in favour of retaining the same time all-year round.

MEPs say it now puts the pressure firmly on the European Commission - which has in the past been reluctant to change the system - to implement their decision.

Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly, who has been campaigning for the change, said: "I'm very pleased that after years of discussions at Committee level in the European Parliament, of which I'm the only Irish member, that out proposal was debated and voted on today in Parliament, and that Parliament accepted our proposal to ask the European Commission to come forward with a recommendation that we would end the bi-annual clock change."


Many believe the clock change negatively impacts on people's mental and physical health.

Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly has been pushing to end the bi-annual clock change.

"We think that there's no need to change the clocks," he said.

"It came in during World War One, it was supposed to be for energy savings - the indications are that there are very few energy savings, if any - and there are an awful lot of disadvantages to both human beings and animals that make it outdated at this point.

"We're working to try and end it."

The European Parliament's Research Service published a study on EU summer-time arrangements last October, which found that the health implications of Daylight Saving Time are "more severe" than previously thought.

"Beyond considerations on the effects, repeal of the Summer Time Directive would not automatically abolish summer time across the EU," the report stated.

"It would just end EU-wide harmonisation and bring the issue of summer time back into the competence of the member states.


Six Nations 2018 : Week One

Well that was an interesting first week !

Wales v Scotland in Cardiff 74,000

Even though they had to travel to Wales, Scotland were expected to perform under new coach Gregor Townsend, but Warren Gatland's Wales blitzed them, winning 34-7, collecting the bonus point for 4 tries also.

France v Ireland in Paris 80,000

Ireland traveled to France, after a successful Autumn International series, but wary of a France under a new coach, Jacques Brunel. The former Italy and La Rochelle coach took over this French side, determined to re-energize his squad. It was a close game of ferocious hits, tackles, one magical try and a match winning outstanding drop goal. The French team made about 250 tackles in the game to Ireland's 91, 34% territory versus Ireland's 66%, yet the game was tight until 3 minutes into injury time, Jonny Sexton kicked a 45m drop goal from almost the half way line, on a wet field.

Italy v England, Rome 61,000

Despite a gallant 60 minutes from Italy, England powered away to 15-46 and claim the bonus point win. Italian coach Conor O'Shea sees signs of improvement but there are big underlying problems in the structure of the Italian game, but O'Shea has been appointed not just to coach the national team but to address those problems and put the necessary stucture in place. Italy have been in the 6 Nations since 2000, and there had been calls from some quarters to replace them with Georgia (no, not that Georgia !), so it's vital that they show signs of kicking on.


Aviva Stadium

Feb 10 2018

KO - 14:15 (GMT) / 14:15 (Local)


Twickenham Stadium

Feb 10 2018

KO - 16:45 (GMT) / 16:45 (Local)


BT Murrayfield

Feb 11 2018

KO - 15:00 (GMT) / 15:00 (Local)


Last Week Tonight returns Sunday February 18th, at 11 p.m. Eastern. Not before time.

Has Rachel given a possible explanation for Devin Nunes's bizarre behavior ?

Last night Rachel said

1 that Carter Page, on his last interview with Chris Hayes (10/30/17), said that the truth will come out

HAYES: Did you bring an attorney to you when you spent five hours before
the senate?

PAGE: Nope. No. I`m very, very open and happy to give all the
information I can. In the interest of really getting the truth out there,
because I think when the truth comes out, when Speaker Paul Ryan says the
FISA warrant or the details about the dodgy dossier and what happened and
all this documents around that is going to be released, that`s what I`m
really excited about. And I think the truth will set a lot of people free.

2 that Carter Page had been under FISA surveillance since Oct 2016.

Rachel was struck by the fact that Page was so confident that Ryan would square this all away.

Now Rachel never joined the two together, but isn't it possible that the deal to keep Page's mouth sealed was taped by the FBI ? More to the point since Page was so confident Ryan would do this, Nunes, Ryan and possibly more, are on tape agreeing to this ?

I have not yet seen any evidence as to why Nunes would run around like an idiot for Trump, so this is at least a possible scenario.

CNN : Justice Dept. files to dismiss charges against Sen. Bob Menendez


(CNN)The Justice Department Wednesday filed to dismiss its remaining charges against Sen. Bob Menendez, likely bringing the legal case against the New Jersey Democrat to a close.

An 11-week trial last fall resulted in a hung jury. Prosecutors had accused the senator of accepting bribes from Dr. Salomon Melgen, a wealthy ophthalmologist in Florida, in return for political favors.
Menendez and Melgen pleaded not guilty to all charges.
"Given the impact of the Court's Jan. 24 order on the charges and the evidence admissible in a retrial, the United States has determined that it will not retry the defendants on the remaining charges," DOJ spokeswoman Nicole Navas Oxman said.
This story is breaking and will be updated.

Marco Rubio fires his Chief of Staff for "improper conduct"


Washington (CNN)Sen. Marco Rubio has fired his chief of staff over "allegations of improper conduct" with a subordinate, his office announced late Saturday night.

"Yesterday afternoon, I was made aware, for the first time, of allegations of improper conduct by my chief of staff while under the employment of my office," Rubio said in a statement. The statement did not mention Rubio's chief of staff by name, but he has been identified as Clint Reed on his social media accounts, and a former aide confirmed he was the chief of staff. CNN has attempted to contact Reed for comment. "By early this afternoon, I had sufficient evidence to conclude that while employed by this office, my chief of staff had violated office policies regarding proper relations between a supervisor and their subordinates. I further concluded that this led to actions which in my judgement amounted to threats to withhold employment benefits."

Manchin Will Seek Re-election but Sends Democrats a Stern Warning

WASHINGTON — Senator Joe Manchin III of West Virginia told colleagues on Tuesday that he intended to run for re-election this year after all, ending an anxiety-making flirtation with retirement and easing Democratic fears that the most conservative Democrat in the Senate was about to effectively hand his seat to a Republican.

In an interview, Mr. Manchin said he repeatedly expressed his frustration to Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, and other colleagues, telling them that “this place sucks,” before finally signaling Tuesday morning to Mr. Schumer’s aides that he would file his re-election paperwork before West Virginia’s deadline on Friday. “I was very vocal,” Mr. Manchin said, adding, “they read between the lines.”


It also will have to be bridged if Democrats have any hope of regaining the Senate in November, when they must defend 10 seats in states that Mr. Trump won, while winning Republican-held seats in difficult states like Tennessee, Nevada and Arizona. “I’ve said this point blank: If people like me can’t win from red states, you’ll be in the minority the rest of your life,” Mr. Manchin said about his conversations with other Democrats about the need to tolerate more moderate lawmakers.


His aides noted that he had a dinner fund-raiser planned for Tuesday evening in Washington and campaign events already scheduled for this weekend in West Virginia. They also pointed out that Mr. Manchin’s grumbles about Senate dysfunction and the Democratic Party’s shift left were not new. Such complains have been a recurring theme over his seven-year tenure.


Irish PM Leo Varadkar speaks and debates at EU Parliament - Brexit, Border, Tax and more

Five things the Taoiseach said in his special address to the European Parliament

The Taoiseach gave a 20-minute address at the European Parliament in Strasbourg this morning as part of a series of leaders' addresses. He was the first head of government to do so. The President of the European Commission Jean Claude-Juncker and lead Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier were also present.

1. On 'serving the interests of citizens'

In his speech, Taoiseach Varadkar called for the EU to "serve the interests" of all "citizens and not just corporations." He also recommitted Ireland’s position at the centre of Europe and the euro and called for "even more free trade" and globalisation. "Now is the time to fulfil the promise of the single market in other areas," he said.

"For example, insurance, mortgages and loans, so that people can get cheaper loans from European lenders and insurers if needs be," he told the European Parliament in Strasbourg. He said; "Ireland is a founder member of the euro, and a founder member of the Single Market."

2. On Tax
On tax, he said such issues "should be determined by national governments, but equally true was the fact that corporations should pay their fair share of tax."

"We cannot tolerate a situation where large companies can avoid paying taxes anywhere. He said Ireland has already taken steps to close loopholes in our tax laws "and we will do more." "I believe in more free trade agreements with third countries, and in completing monetary union," he told the audience of MEPs.

3. On Challenges to the EU

The Taoiseach said that Europe is at "decisive point in history" and despite all the upheavals of recent years – the rise of populism and euro-scepticism, nationalism and anti-democratic forces - "we meet in solidarity", with a renewed "sense of purpose."


4. On Ireland's Potential in the EU

Varadkar said the promise of Europe "unlocked the potential of Ireland and allowed us taking our place among the nations of the world." He thanked the EU for recognising the unique situation of Northern Ireland and how Brexit affects Ireland.

5. On Ireland and Brexit
Taoiseach Varadkar pointed to the fact that citizens in Northern Ireland will remain to be EU citizens even after Brexit such is the unique position of the north.

He reiterated the importance of ensuring the UK translates the agreement in phase one of Brexit into a legal text and a withdrawal agreement.


He received a round of applause when he said Europe needs to "stick together" if we are to "protect what we have and export our values and world view."


Varadkar's speech




Of course not everyone is happy....in between being an international puppet for Putin, Farage is still drawing an EU Parliament salary.

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