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Home country: Ireland
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Member since: Mon May 23, 2016, 04:42 AM
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We need one more killer recording to finish Trump off. Will it happen ?

It's one thing for all these brave women to come forward with their harrowing stories, but when it is countered by the Denial Bluster of Trump and his surrogates, they deliberately create a haze around those stories.

That's why Donnie's words caught on tape couldn't be run away from, and it stuffed him in the polls. Another one like that would kill him off, and hopefully affect the down ballot races as well, but will it appear ?

The Media focus should now switch to Mark Burnett

Hit him on the threats he has made to his employees that if they leak tapes of Trump, it'll cost them $5m. Jimmy Kimmel already had a go at him, at the Emmys, and with a Democrat dominated industry, sure pressure can be applied ?

Morning Joe : Incredible

Wow seriously wow.....Joe gone into bat for Trump !!! Bigly !

It's Saturday night, so before you head out for the evening just remember....


Morning Joe : Incredible

Is anyone watching this shit ? Unbelievable bigging up of Trump, it's embarrassing. The only dissenting voice is Nicole Wallace ironically.


Don't fall into the trap, Birtherism is the bigger story.

MSNBC giving free advertising to Trump

MSNBC/NBC have a live feed of Trump's plane stationary at Washington National, focussed on the Trump logo, while they have a discussion. Is there no one to pull them up on this ?


"I communicate classified information of a totally separate system"

That's what Hillary said last night and it really struck a cord with me. That's the first time I've heard that, was it for you ? It makes a MASSIVE difference because people were nearly expecting those 60,000 emails to be full of classified info. It was never made clear (not to me anyway) that there was this whole other Hillary email address that was within the secure State Dept network. I had been wondering recently that if there were no classified emails on Hillary's server, then where were they ? This answers it.

Joy Reid. Simply OUTSTANDING.

She's killing it again at the moment.

Chuck Toad. Useless waste of space or just incompetent ?

Tonight Boris Ephsteyn, as any Trump scumbag would do, told disgusting lie after disgusting lie about Hillary and Toad barely raised his white flag. And he gets a flagship program while Joy Reid is booted to the weekend ? Where's the logic in that ? Joy would never have let that scumbag get away with what he did.
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