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Everyone is wondering WHO; I am also wondering WHAT.

What crime(s) will be charged?

Not being a lawyer, I'm not really clear on what potential crimes could be charged, but I really want it to be something SERIOUS -- not just a parking ticket, if you get my drift.

Is there any light anybody has or can shed on what the indictment might contain? Much obliged.
Posted by malchickiwick | Sat Oct 28, 2017, 11:21 AM (10 replies)

WaPo: Bob Corker sounds like hes making a case for removing Trump from office

Early in this onslaught against Trump, Corker assured us that he considers all of his words carefully. “I don’t make comments I haven’t thought about,” he told ABC News. In other words: He truly believes all this stuff, and he's not just flying off the handle.

Which leads to the next question: If you truly believe all of that, wouldn't you also believe that Trump should be removed from office?

Corker's comments sure seem to be trending in that direction — whether he intends it or not. The senator is describing Trump as an imminent threat to American government and American lives. He's suggesting Trump is damaging American society. He says Trump isn't only failing, but that he's “unable to rise to the occasion." He suggests Trump was ready to do crazy things before Corker intervened and put a stop to it. He's basically arguing that Trump is derelict in his duties as president, or unfit for the office.

Depending upon whom you ask, that could be approaching grounds for impeachment — or the less likely option of removal via the 25th Amendment, in which Trump would be declared unfit by his own Cabinet.

Much more at link. A VERY interesting take on the "feud" between Corker and Donnie Bone-Spur, in my humble.

Posted by malchickiwick | Tue Oct 24, 2017, 03:14 PM (3 replies)
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