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Member since: Mon Jun 13, 2016, 01:17 PM
Number of posts: 16,233

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Whale spotted in NYC's East River near Gracie Mansion

On his way to Times Square? A mariners alert is still in effect.



Hillary Clinton voted "Most Admired Woman" for the 15th year in a row.

She holds the record for most admired person, having been named 21 times, more than any other man or woman.


Carrie Fisher died today, drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra.

An obituary, as per Ms. Fisher's request.


Now that it's too late to impact the election, the vaunted pundits

and our famously free press are suddenly all over the Russian hack story..

I just heard Chris Cuomo scold both the administration and the transition team. "This isn't about politics. This is about an existential threat!" thundered the fiercely self-righteous infotainment star.

Where was CNN on this story six weeks ago when there was still a chance to stop Trump? For American "journalists", it was about all about clicks and ratings. Screw the existential threat. There was money to be made.

Joy Reid is doing Rachel's hour tonight. n/t

Is Trump tipping off investors or is this just a coincidence?

According to a political analyst / tech expert Chistopher Bouzy, there appears to be an interesting coincidence between the timing of a Lockheed Martin stock dump and Trump's tweet about the potential cancellation of "deals" between the company and the US government.


Republicans need to get their story straight.

Republicans are claiming that the RNC was not hacked. According to a New York Times story, high ranking officials in the Obama administration beg to differ.

Reince Preibus challenged Chuck Todd to show him proof of a hack today on Meet the Press.

No darlin', let's use the same standard that Comey applied when he made his highly irregularpress appearance in July concerning Hillary's private server:

Is there any evidence that it wasn't hacked?

I just heard Michael Steele refer to to Petraeus' trial and plea deal

for mishandling classified documents as a "hiccup" in an otherwise fine career.

The double standard is stunning. It is even more stunning that the pundits and press avert their eyes and pretend not to notice.

What did the Donald mean when he tweeted

that he could have won "more convincingly"?

That's an odd choice of words. What makes him think that Americans need to be convinced that he actually won?


Infotainment personality Chuck Todd doing what he does best: rank, unfounded speculation

And of course it casts shade on Hillary and Democrats.

Use that multi-million dollar paycheck to buy a clue, darlin'. That rancid stench you smell is coming from your own mouth.

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