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Why can't journalists get the facts straight?

The narrative I've been hearing all day from journalists is

"She made this mess. Why didn't she just release all the emails right away?"

Joe Biden was asked this question today, and he didn't even push back.

My understanding is that Hillary did not have the authority to release the emails. Am I mistaken?

Hillary's birthday horoscope

from astrologer extraordinaire Sally Brompton.

Today's Birthday

The influence of values planet Venus on your birthday means that everything you do must have some kind of meaning. You may be a bit too serious for some peopleís tastes, but thatís their problem. You intend to make your existence count.

Spent the day in Bridesburg, PA canvassing for Hillary and Katie McGinty

Three buses of volunteers from Long Island braved the first really raw Saturday to knock on doors and update voters on the technicalities of ID laws. Getting out that senate vote is imperative. Sometimes folks aren't even sure who the democratic challenger is.

Out of my team of four, two were Bernie voters (one also a Bernie volunteer) during the primary.

The mood on the ground is great.

My husband was accosted and berated by a Trump supporter at a middle school football game.

"How can your wear that button with that shirt?"

My husband was wearing a Hillary button and an FDNY hoodie.

My husband explained to her that he is an FDNY World Trade Center survivor who Hillay worked hard to help. My husband has medical monitoring, low cost life-prolonging medication, and ongoing treatment at one of the best hospitals in NY due to Hillary's efforts to cover first responders who were not eligible for the programs already in place due to the unusual nature if their illnesses.

Her response? "You obviously did not see the Benghazi movie."

My husband laughed and said, "if you liked that movie, you really should watch 'Triumph of the Will'. It's right up your alley."


Trump is doing the sniffing thing again.

I spent the day in Allentown, PA registering voters.

I'm a Long Islander, and we had two coach buses full of volunteers. New York is reliably blue, so we spent the day working to get out the swing state vote, elect Hillary, and unseat Senator Toomey.

If the coordination between NY and PA is any indication of the ground game elsewhere, I think we're in great shape. We registered 193 democrats.

According to Trump in "The Art of the Comeback", he was $900 million in debt in the early 90's

By 1993 he "only" owed $115 million and had two years to pay it off.
Why did the $900 million loss show up in his 1995 tax return?

You can find the details and read the whole first chapter of "the Art of the Comeback" here:


Was Trump's $916,000,000 tax write off legal?

The media has been stressing that Trump's tax write off was a perfectly legal exercise of a provision in the tax code. This assumes that there was no concomitant chicanery concerning the loss itself.

The very excellent, left-leaning conspiracy theorist Joe Cannon has a great article on the possible criminal manipulation of the loss by Trump via the IRS.

Joe was insisting to his readers as far back as last winter that Roger Stone was the brains behind the Trump campaign despite the fact that Stone had no open, public role at the time, so Joe's instincts are often on target. He's also a DU reader who links to this site.

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