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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 06:54 PM
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If this were your jade plant, what would you do?

There is only the one branch off the main trunk. I've learned to love its quirkiness but I think it's time for a change. I'm wondering if I can cut off the branch and get it to root; but then the bare trunk wouldn't have a reason to keep living. Maybe I should leave it alone.

Best seats all year... We are the Fenway faithful.

Cellar or no cellar. 🙂

On the morning of 9/11, my husband was on a Boston-NYC flight.

They got to NY, circled, and flew back to Boston without landing. They sat on the ground for hours. No communication, so I didn't know if he was on the doomed flight or not. I don't remember how he got word to me, he must have used someone's phone; we didn't have cell phones.

My daughter and I waited at the subway station until we saw him coming up the escalator, and then we all just silently hugged.

Can you guess whose concert this notice is for?


It might be a familiar practice to some, but I've never seen it before, even for previous concerts by the same person. I'm so used to taking at least a picture of the set before the show. And I'm not comfortable taking off my Apple Watch; but that sounds silly, so I should probably try the experience.

We are in a rare power outage here in Cambridge, MA.

It's in the 90's today. Outage is supposed to last another couple of hours and I'm fixing dinner. My husband reminded me that the stove doesn't work. Then he had a senior moment: "Just use the toaster oven."

After we laughed at him sufficiently, I made this great dinner. Added yogurt and granola.

EDIT: And, just like that, I said "I feel eerily cool" and looked up to see the fan spinning around.

My niece's joyful puppy livin' it up in Alberta.

Her mom took this shot.

A few pictures from Jim Irsay's traveling museum and free concert

in Boston last night. The crowd was like a mosh pit in the halls so we didn't get close enough to the guitar collection for pictures, but we saw them at a distance. We stayed for the concert but left early to get to the subway before the crowds. It was a fun night. It could have been better--we did want to see the famous guitars up close.

This year's garden sharply diminished due to rabbits.

Even with fences, they prevailed. Peas, broccoli, eggplants...gone.

The corn, cukes, and tomatoes haven't yet fallen to the enemy, and we're hopeful.

We tried Rabbit Scram but our dog thought it was her special treat so that didn't work. We've googled all the tricks and remedies. The only thing that works is better fencing.

I look at pictures from five years ago when our garden needed no fences at all. We live in a city! I think that rat poison has decimated the predator birds (they eat the sick rats) and there is nothing to curtail the rabbit population.

If at least the tomatoes survive, I'll be happy.

Drake in Boston last night

My granddaughter took this picture. I think it captures the excitement of the moment really well.

I almost didn't park--then read the fine print

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