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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:05 PM
Number of posts: 989

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BREXIT: Seems like it's a mirror of American political scene right now.

Opinion polls taken before the vote indicated the outcome is too close to forecast, although two polls published late on Wednesday suggested a swing towards “Remain”.

Much will depend on turnout, with younger Britons seen as more supportive of the EU than their elders but less likely to vote. HP

This can also be added to the list of grivences of those sitting on the floor in the House.

The GOP is a bigger problem than guns!


How long would it take to get a couple of thousand protesters to join the House sit-in?

Trying to arrange my schedule to join in!

Justice Dept. taking down huge multimillion dollar Healthcare fraud ring. Glad to see it.

We need more of this.

Damn, MSNBC already back with refutations point by point. Are they part of HRC's rapid response

team? They are doing one hell of a job. I guess this is their makeup call?

We should be afaid. Trump sounding very "Presidential" with his torrent of "revelations" on HRC.

NOT!! All of his rehashed allegations is WAYYYY above the heads of most of his supporters. He just confirmed to me that he should never, ever be President.

I think we need an organized effort against the MSM about their FREE press and ads for Trump.

All the media studies show that Trump received and is still getting more coverage which morphs into free ads for his campaign. Trump is smart enough to see this for himself so he knows he need not spend money on media ads. The talks shows and cable and regular news cover him 24/7. They show a blip of Hillary's speech and then talk about Trump for the rest of an entire segment.

And organized write-in to the MSM outlets is order, I think.

People, people, people! Trump does not want to be President and he doing everything he can

to not be. He just can't believe how many crazy people there are out there who would vote for him. If the GOP does not find a way to get rid of him without an out and out brawl, he will step down alleging that he has not been treated fairly and he will run as a 3rd party losing candidate as he promised long ago.

Really, he has to give up too much to be President...including paying and showing his taxes.

Super delegates have worked for the Dems in the past. Why all of a sudden the move to get rid

of them? I don't believe Bernie will be running for another election and what comes out of crowd could be another Trump-like figure on the left. They are a safety valve and if needed to protect the party i believe they would do the right thing taking into consideration ALL factors.

I think they need to be Democrats through at least two previous primaries if eligible to vote and had voted AND they should have been citizens of the US for at least 20 years.

Am I the only one who thinks Wes Clark might be Hillary's VP?

What are the pros and cons?
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