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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:05 PM
Number of posts: 989

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Just turned it on and noticed the crowd did not like his statements inferring that he would help

inner cities or treating all kids equally. This is a dangerous rabid crowd only interested in war, hate, and going after Hillary.

The only thing to stop a good man without a gun

is a bad cop with a gun.


I walked past my aunt's bedroom and heard Trump shouting something about respect ...

he really sounded ridiculous to me. Is this who so many people really want for President? We are really screwed it that is the case, even if he doesn't win. To be surrounded by so many witless fascist haters is really, really scary.

I just think it is awful and disheartening that at this point of the GE campaign that Nina Turner

says rather gleefully to Chris Matthews that she is not a Hillary supporter.

How much to you think she and others of her mindset hurt us in the GE and will they ruin our convention?

Can you just imagine Chris Christie salavating about being VP and being in control of Domestic

and Foreign Policy?

The only fear I have about our convention is that the protests by the Bernie supporters will be

worse than what Ted Cruz pulled off.

Sorry, but those attacks on Hillary last night may be uniting the GOP...at least those at the

convention. But they are also uniting Democrats and others outside the convention.

Carl Bernstein ought not to buy into the meme that Hillary lied about the e-mails. As a supposed

journalist he ought to know better. he ought to know that a lot of what Comey editorialized about he had to walk back. And he should not be equating Donald's tax records with Hillary's transcripts. He is dishonest as they come.

Bill Clinton needs to utterly destroy the GOP for their nasty attacks on Hillary. And he needs to

stand up and take responsibility for his role in hurting her on so many levels. He will have a platform at the convention to make amends for a lot of things as wells as make the positive case for many of the accomplishments of the Democrats during his two terms.

He must defend her and DEMAND respect for her life of service.

Just heard Ben Carson on New Day. Does he even understand that the "founding fathers"

based this nation's economic principles on "free labor" which was indentured servitude and slavery? Yes, it was based on hard work and labor...meaning someone else's hard work and labor. I am so sick and tired of the memes against government helping people and that we should honor hard work and sacrifice...and the spewing from people who never even held a real job. And the rot of veteran sanctification from lips of people who never served in the military or even worse, people who have accused veterans of stealing money in Iraq.

The media never calls them out on any of their bullshit.
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