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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:05 PM
Number of posts: 989

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I think Trump ushering in the final nail in talk radio and FOX "news" coffin,

Eventually they will lose more and more sponsors and will have to bleed their RW deep pockets dry financing them.
FOX and Fiends is on its way out.

Did Sessions vote for or against the Iraq war?

On my way out the door. Hoping for a quick answer but will look it up later.

Corruption please. Someone explain to me what past or even present actions by HC are the basis for

"corrupt Hillary" or the public's feeling that not only is she dishonest but she is corrupt. They mean two different things to me...but that is just me.

Donald, on the other hand has dozens of suits against him, and people who have come forward who have been scammed by him, workers unpaid, vendors unpaid, broken contracts, threats etc. To me, he is the ultimate in a corrupt and morally bankrupt person...how does he escape being called corrupt?

Can one pundit give a actual proven act of corruption by Hillary...beside being accused of stealing WH china in 1998.

Wish I could play this 24/7 George Carlin

GOP still going after antother talking point against Hillary. They never give up.

Pat Smith and another mother of another one of the military killed in Benghazi just filed a Wrongful Death suit against Hillary in DC.

Here we go again. I hope it gets thrown out fast. It has already been debunked that Hillary was not negligent here but I bet they try to tie the e-mail shit to this also.

I can't even sympathize with these people any more.

Aren't we already producing more energy than we need to the point that we are exporting?

What the hell is Trump talking about increasing our energy production?
Does he even know that average gasoline price now at about $1.98/gal. reg?

When will the media honestly explain the amount of taxes actually paid by our corporations and

businesses? When will they be honest about anything?

For low income workers who pay little taxes, how does exemption of childcare help them more than

free childcare for them?

Also, why is it that the deficit or debt does not bother people anymore unless a democrat proposes them?

When was Hillary governor of NY? Did I miss it? Her economic record in NY, according to Trump, was

disastrous. Does he even know how any level of our government and democracy works. Why does the media not challenge his ridiculous assertions?

Just make this go viral!!

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