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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:05 PM
Number of posts: 989

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After all the insight into TPP given during Obama's presser, the first thing Andrea goes to is Trump

and the President's comments about him.

There was some outstanding information and insight given about the TPP and this is what you get from out media.

Also, can you picture Trump handling a presser like this?

Remember when Hillary attacked the Gold Star mom, Patricia Smith who called her a murderer?

Me either.

If Trump is 'CRAZY' his supporters are 'INSANE!'

He is not the problem, folks. Those who vote for him are the real problem.

Democrats must work harder to show the GOP to be mostly just like Trump.

There is enough video footage to show their most favorites saying stuff just like Trump. Our only really danger would be if they put Kaisch forward as their nominee. Pence is as bad as Trump except that he has a better knowledge base.

It's sad to admit but the RW fanatics Hillary haters will never change their minds about Trump.

If secretly selling arms to Iran in 1985 after they attacked and killed 231 Marines sleeping in their barracks didn't change their minds about Reagan, nothing Trump has done or said so far will ever make a difference to them. For them Hate Trumps Reason. We need to face that and move on to GOTV.

You can't embarrass the witless and heartless. Facts do not matter. Pain does not matter. Truth does not matter.
WE just have to win and shut them up!!

OK. Can't watch anymore of the cable news shows today. The attack on the FOX interview that

goes unchallenged is too much to bear for me. I'll wait for Joy in the morning.

Why the hell doesn't the HC campaign get out the portions of the Comey hearings when he

had to clarify or backtrack on his responses made earlier in his testimony? They, the media keeps on playing the portions that make it seem like HC was lying when there is video that clarifies what she said there and on her FOX interview. A side by side video would clear it up. I sure hope it comes up in the debates so that she can prove her point with Donald. right on the stage. Are there any honest journalists out there at all?

Hillary should move on now from the Khan controversary.

It has a life of its own. It has been tough enough for this family more comments are just adding fuel to their pain.

Great Clinton spokes person taking the "fact checkers" to the mats on the Hillary e-mails.

Four pinnochios given for Hillary's answer on FOX. Spokesperson said fact checkers are wrong and need to go back and correct their record and read Comey's statement under oath where he had to backtrack.

Does Trump even know that Putin marched into Georgia while Bush was President? nt

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