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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:05 PM
Number of posts: 989

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I really am nervous for Chelsea and Hillary. TMD (talk me down)

somebody help me out with the 30,000 3-mail thing.

What 30,000 e-mails are they talking about? And why are they all convoluted with the DNC hacking?

And why does no pundit point out the e-mails deleted by Cheney and Bush folks, or the fact that some Dem Congressmen have private e-mail systems that you know damn well contain some sensitive information?

And why is no one talking about how Wilkileaks is not keeping democracy transparent but actually doing much more harm to our nation and our national security as they seemingly devolved into an arm of the GOP smear machine. I have always been a fan of Wikileaks but I don't like what seems to be happening now. It seems as though they are protecting the GOP and trying usher in Trump.

What am I missing?

Now i am really crying.

Trump and the Gop should just cancel the election. nt

After Trump today, here is what I worry about; hacking of voting machines.

Every state should just change to paper now. Am I wrong to worry about this?

It IS WAR...it's cyber war and we need to stick to that.

Trump seems to be joining the enemy in a time of WAR. That's treason.

I hope President Obama suspends security briefings for both candidates.

Hillary probably already knows enough about our security to go forward. Suspending briefings would leave Trump in the dark except for what he can get through Russia...so let them brief him.


Treasonous Trump. Treasonous Trump.

How in the world can this man get security clearance of any kind?
What is his credit rating?
What is his tax status?

My nephew was denied a security clearance for a job with a major Defense contractor because of a poor credit rating and money owed to the IRS. How can this man, Trump be given the nation's highest security clearance?

Why is not the GOP requesting not to clear him? If they wanted to deny Hillary clearance for using a private server that now appears to be more secure than any government server, why won't Ryan go public and ask for Trump to be denied security clearance unless and until he is elected President?

Trump: Was he lying then? OR is he lying now?

I only heard part of his interview today but did VPJoe Biden say that BOTH parties have not listened

to the average American worker? Even after seeing that video of Hillary talking to women, children, the disabled, blacks, and the many, many town hall meetings she has held across this country since 2008? Please tell me he cleaned that up? There is no way any Dem should be saying that the parties are alike in any way.

I hope he said in the part that I missed that we now have a candidate who has spent her life listening to the American people at all levels. She indeed, stepped into the lions den in W.VA. trying to let them know that heard them but also trying to inform them of how the economy has changed and expressing her plans to help them change with it.

My god, with friends like our leaders who needs enemies.
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