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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:05 PM
Number of posts: 989

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OMG!! The shattering glass. That was the BOMB!!!

What? Bernie says he will not raise money for Hillary? He will continue his Independent movement?

Just heard this on MSNBC. WTF?

I am glad he raised the acclimation but are we going to be in for more of the bs through the entire GE??


CELEBRATION!!! All the best to HRC and her supporters. All the best to our nation.


So now the media is pushing the line that the DNC rules were changed to favor Hillary??

The rules were in place before we even knew who the candidates would be. How can they get away with this crap?

Ben Jealous, Nina Turner, Cornell West and some other Bernie-bitters have actually done a great disservice to their movement. Not many more are attracted to joining them because of their actions. Bernie may have started a revolution but it has swallowed him up and will eventually fizzle on its own.

Should Hillary lose this battle, we will never hear of them again. I actually now believe the revolution devolved into a movement to defeat Hillary rather than supporting whatever change they SAY they wanted.

Is it me or did FLOTUS look younger than ever? nt

So why give them anything more or acknowledge their "pain?" Nina just said NOTHING

Hillary or her supporters do will change their minds about their feelings or their behavior.

I guess they need to be treated like my granddaughter. When she acts up and begins to scream I just tell her to go sit in the chair and scream as loud as she wants to and when she finishes she can join the rest of us or go to bed. It doesn't last long and she has never gone to bed.

Watching on C-SPAN. No idiot talk. nt

Booing an invocation is pretty low and uncooth as well as disrespectful to Bernie. nt

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