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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:05 PM
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Bill Clinton needs to utterly destroy the GOP for their nasty attacks on Hillary. And he needs to

stand up and take responsibility for his role in hurting her on so many levels. He will have a platform at the convention to make amends for a lot of things as wells as make the positive case for many of the accomplishments of the Democrats during his two terms.

He must defend her and DEMAND respect for her life of service.

Just heard Ben Carson on New Day. Does he even understand that the "founding fathers"

based this nation's economic principles on "free labor" which was indentured servitude and slavery? Yes, it was based on hard work and labor...meaning someone else's hard work and labor. I am so sick and tired of the memes against government helping people and that we should honor hard work and sacrifice...and the spewing from people who never even held a real job. And the rot of veteran sanctification from lips of people who never served in the military or even worse, people who have accused veterans of stealing money in Iraq.

The media never calls them out on any of their bullshit.

OK, can someone help Bravnak out by giving rating for speakers so far? Did Christie speak yet?


It is obscene for Purdue, Trump and some others to get in front of a camera and talk about

fair trade and leveling the playing field when men like them sit at the head of companies that pay third-world wages and little benefits to their farm and chicken plant workers and hire mostly undocumented immigrants as well as Trump out-sourcing work on his clothes and other stuff.

Will any media ever call them out on this crap. They talk about what Obama (and Hillary) policies have done to hurt the white working men in this country, yet they won't even hire whites to work for them.

Half my family lives in Georgia. Many in the town where they lived used to make pretty good wages working in the chicken plants. Now few if any blacks can get hired and only a few whites get hired as "bosses" while the majority of the workers are Mexican or Colombian.

The GOP makes me want to puke!

Has Hillary given her speech today? nt

So according to every Trump supporter and spokesperson I have seen interviewed today about

the Melania speech, almost anyone can be forgiven for making a "mistake" almost anyone can have their apologies accepted, EXCEPT Hillary and Bill.

Now imagine the words that would have followed Hillary had she done the same thing. Shall we all begin to chant "Crooked Malania?"

The Dems should spend time talking about how the Trump's own campaign is throwing

Melania under the bus. They are deceitful, stab-you-in-the-back, hateful people. And that is the kind of people they appeal to.

Maybe we just should not have a convention except for one night of delegate voting and clear the

stage and save the money? We couldn't do better for our side than the GOP is doing for us with their convention.

Watch how gracious and classy both Hillary and Michelle will be about Melania's speech.

Wait for it. And watch how the Trumpsters self flagellate.

Why is no one talking about Rudy's using Obma's words in his cheap shot? nt

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