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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 10:05 PM
Number of posts: 989

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Hillary ought to have all auto air bags made in the US for all cars sold in the US.

Why should we be buying this faulty air bags for Japan?



So you don't think there was a Senate manufacturing caucus? Here you go!

SOUTH CAROLINA, are you out there?

Wonder how much business will be generated for Bill's Shirts in Reading PA?

The big dawg is wearing a shirt made by them.

A Trade Prosecutor: Hillary just said that will be part of her administration...

She and Kaine hitting it out of the park...PA bus tour.

Best show this morning is Joy Reid. Covers it ALL!

She will probably be gone in a month.

Heidi Harris really hates Hillary.

And there are many more like her. It blows my mind why Hillary engenders such outright hate. What has she ever done to anyone that would make one favor Donald Trump over her? I get that someone could not like Hillary or her policies (baffling) and that one may not vote FOR her. But that is a far cry from saying that you will vote FOR Trump. Makes me believe that one just really thinks and feels and identifies with what Trump stands for and Hillary is just a convenient excuse for one to do so.

Cyber expert Nance says we shouldn't believe anything that comes out as hacked e-mails or audios.

He explained how the Russian intelligence has and still can doctor e-mails and make them seem authentic. He should be seen more often.

To me, if Stein and Johnson really care about this country they will throw their support to HRC,

This is dangerous times and too important to chance a Trump Presidency. No matter what Hillary has done with e-mails or talking to Wall Street it pales in the face of what a Trump Presidency will mean to this country.

No one ever calls the Trump supporters on their unsubstantiated talkiing points.

There was no EVidence of Hillary's private server being hacked. Yet the Trump supporters are allowed to conflate the DNC and recent Clinton Campaign hacks with her private server. When will just one pundit refute their allegations right at the time they make those yet bogus charges?

Hillary campaign should give out pocket copies of the Constitution to people who register to vote.

Part of their GOTV.
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